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Clutch bolts keep snapping - Proper Torque
The Haynes book lists clutch cover (pressure plate) torque on r45/r65 as "Not Available"  The 23 Nm value is for pre-'81 "full-size" boxers.  I would suggest using a value from the following chart I f...

Started 10/13/08 at 09:01:59 by Justin B.
5 1655 Last Post 10/14/08 at 09:12:07
By: steve hawkins
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Idle Speed
Originally posted by trolle in this thread http://suraklyn.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?num=1211837580

Take your r65 out for a ride, appr. 30 miles, to get the engine warm.

Place i...

Started 06/08/08 at 11:58:20 by MrRiden
0 1992 Last Post 06/08/08 at 11:58:20
By: MrRiden
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Electric Bugs
A week or so ago, I removed a bolted on starter switch on my new 82 and replaced it with a good used BMW replacement.  The old Frankenstein switch was wired (with brown lamp cord) to a starter termina...

Started 01/10/08 at 10:28:29 by Yikes (Ex Member)
7 2105 Last Post 01/11/08 at 06:43:54
By: tagordon - Ex Member
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Service Schedule
R Model Service Schedule on the WWW. download the .PDF file and you will have a copy ready to print for use in the shop. Factory smock recommended for use.  Wink

Started 11/15/07 at 11:54:55 by MrRiden
0 1378 Last Post 11/15/07 at 11:54:55
By: MrRiden
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General GEN light and charging circuit info
This is on a pretty informative /5 web site.  Although the information was written to help
with diagnosing /5 model charging circuits, the basic design of the system is the same as
used in t...

Started 09/14/07 at 08:28:33 by nhmaf
0 902 Last Post 09/14/07 at 08:28:32
By: nhmaf
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Steering Head Lube & Adjustment
Suecanada posted this excellent guide for our Wee M Ws. Her full sized photos here: http://sue5762.fotopic.net/c1253501.html
Here goes:

1.If you have an LS remove your windscreen and...

Started 09/09/07 at 12:08:37 by MrRiden
0 1211 Last Post 09/09/07 at 12:08:37
By: MrRiden
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Hall effect (bean can) overhaul
Link updated 10/26/2009 per MrRiden.  Thanks!

Started 09/06/07 at 11:46:33 by professorfate
0 3149 Last Post 09/06/07 at 11:46:33
By: professorfate
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Started 08/14/07 at 20:27:31 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
0 1252 Last Post 08/14/07 at 20:27:31
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Tech Tip - Exhaust Nut Threads
I found this handy tip on Boxerworks, when exhaust nut thread galling was being discussed.
After seeing Teo's enthusiastic response, I thought it deserved passing along.
Click here for the e...

Started 08/13/07 at 00:57:55 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
0 1210 Last Post 08/13/07 at 00:57:55
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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BMW R65 (1979 - 1984) FAQ ~ by Noemi Berry
This is a very useful website to new owners, especially the '78-'84 bikes.

Started 07/31/07 at 19:57:13 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
2 3391 Last Post 08/02/07 at 20:49:29
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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As requested by NC Steve, I went out today and got some speed readings from my GPS receiver and noted the engine speed.
Due to weather conditions, I couldn't take it much above 75, but it appears...

Started 01/14/07 at 11:48:58 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
2 1301 Last Post 01/14/07 at 13:15:27
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Lighting upgrade: my experience
Since I've done a near-total lighting revamp, I thought I'd share my reasoning and process in case it's helpful to others.
My goals were twofold: increase safety and decrease energy usage (I'm on...

Started 07/24/17 at 01:21:54 by qwerty123
2 427 Last Post 07/24/17 at 18:29:24
By: qwerty123
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Soda Blaster for Carbs
Here's a link to a technical article on soda blasting the grunge from carbs.  http://www.aircooledtech.com/tools-on-the-cheap/soda_blaster/
It's green and best of all, it's Cheap! Cool

Started 11/13/09 at 08:03:08 by Bengt_Phorqs
12 5568 Last Post 11/15/12 at 10:15:29
By: Bengt_Phorqs
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Tuning BING CV carburettors for BMW motorcycles
Found this very good instruction: (see attached pdf-file)
greetings from a sunny north

Started 05/26/10 at 03:42:00 by trolle
3 3548 Last Post 02/09/17 at 04:21:30
By: Barry
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fork oil change
Do I have to remove the front brake reserve to remove the top bolt for the fork oil? thanks

Started 04/16/12 at 20:39:20 by peter407 (Ex Member)
0 1080 Last Post 04/16/12 at 20:39:20
By: peter407 - Ex Member
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How to fix a fuel, gas, petrol cap explained!
If your 'gas' cap spins regardless of it being locked or not here is the technique I used to permanently fix the two halves together. This method does not require any external holes, screws, bolts or...

Started 09/15/12 at 21:59:25 by bruce launceston (Ex Member)
0 830 Last Post 09/15/12 at 21:59:25
By: bruce launceston - Ex Member
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Service bulletins for USA
Hello !
I've come across this site which has tons of BMW motorcycle service bulletins.
Enjoy !

Started 11/15/12 at 10:10:23 by georgesgiralt
0 587 Last Post 11/15/12 at 10:10:22
By: georgesgiralt
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GEN Light Auxiliary Circuit
Maintaining the GEN lamp is critical in keeping your BMW Airhead's battery charging. In the rare instances should a GEN warning bulb fail, that little bulb's filament will knock out the exciter circui...

Started 01/16/13 at 12:28:10 by montmil
4 1288 Last Post 03/30/18 at 23:34:45
By: Adrian
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Does my damper rod assembly seem odd to you?
OK, it was a long story which I will not get in to at the moment, but I had to replace the leaking fork seal to pass annual safety inspection this month in the R65LS.   I bought new seals and drain wa...

Started 06/17/13 at 22:27:33 by nhmaf
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21 4421 Last Post 07/07/13 at 14:23:06
By: nhmaf
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R45/R65 Period Roadtests
I'm sure we all like to read period road tests of our bikes. We don't have a repository here on R65.org for such things and as the premier English speaking resource for R45/65's maybe we should.

Started 03/11/14 at 16:56:02 by Barry
1 1706 Last Post 02/08/17 at 02:36:07
By: Chris S
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