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Tappit cover nut
Is this the proper nut for the tappit cover. They lock on so tight that I destroyed them getting them off.

Started 07/11/18 at 07:31:29 by skippyc
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By: Bob_Roller
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R65 - strangled engine when warm
Hi all,
I've not been on the forum for years as my R65 has been so impeccably well behaved! I bought here in 2008 on 48,000, and did a full rebuild including carbs and gearbox in 2014. We've  now...

Started 06/25/18 at 07:37:59 by baffle
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18 324 Last Post 07/09/18 at 19:56:36
By: DadsR65
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Good afternoon.
I had some time off recently, so my attempts to revive the R65 have begun. There is a new dyna coil, rebuilt carbs, rebuilt bean can, new points n plugs and some fresh gas. The ta...

Started 07/03/18 at 11:40:00 by BooG
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12 196 Last Post 07/07/18 at 01:21:47
By: Tony Smith
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Keep left cos the right indicators don't work.
On my 1985 twin shock R65 the right turn indicators and dash display went intermittent and from yesterday evening have now stopped working completely. The left indicators and dash display still work f...

Started 07/01/18 at 02:33:17 by Kookaburra
10 153 Last Post 07/04/18 at 00:55:20
By: tunnelrider
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R65 '81 onwards Jet Sizes
Hi Guys, by any chance anybody knows what the original jet sized are for the 81' onwards R65's?
I'm only have been able to see though my internet searching skills, the specs for the 78'-80' R65 ...

Started 07/01/18 at 06:22:47 by Julio A.
4 90 Last Post 07/03/18 at 07:48:36
By: Julio A.
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see-thru float bowels
A fellow printed a set of these on his 3D printer. Lots of work still to do and testing........but sure would be nice to have one to check float levels or watch a drooling float needle fill the bowl

Started 06/21/18 at 11:25:41 by wilcom
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6 169 Last Post 06/29/18 at 03:47:33
By: georgesgiralt
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Should this even be running?
My new to me(I have about 6-700  miles on it)1984 R65LS has been running fine since I purchased it. I initially changed all the fluids when I brought it home but did not do any tune up stuff as it was...

Started 04/03/18 at 14:51:25 by wilcom
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By: wilcom
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Most elegantly explained carb sync page or vid?
Getting my 83 R65 back on the street.  Thought I'd dodged a big bullet.  Was under a blanket for almost four years.  Full tank of four year old gas.  Charged battery and it fired up witho...

Started 06/27/18 at 14:47:46 by svejkovat
3 75 Last Post 06/27/18 at 17:37:42
By: Bob_Roller
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Hall sensor tester
Iíve hd a problem with my bike which seemed to point to the hall sensor, but turned out to be a faulty coil, but I used one of the original Bmw HES testers to test the HS.
Does anyone have any in...

Started 06/25/18 at 16:14:23 by jamestnewsonr65
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2 54 Last Post 06/25/18 at 16:55:09
By: jamestnewsonr65
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Source for Copper Crush Washers
I usually buy 3 or 3 sets at a time from Motobins, but wind up having an odd number left after a service!
I started looking online and found Harbor Freight sells an 80 piece assortment for $4.99....

Started 06/21/18 at 13:29:49 by jp9094
1 69 Last Post 06/21/18 at 16:54:29
By: Tony Smith
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Which handlebars are these?
Afternoon gents: Could anyone shed some light on this, please. I am not sure if these are 'standard' bars or the 'high' bars for a 1979 R65. My measurements with grips on are: Bar length - 26 inches a...

Started 06/17/18 at 15:29:29 by John T
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3 136 Last Post 06/19/18 at 19:59:11
By: Mrclubike
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Help...picture of front brake hose routing R65
I am working to remove some R80 parts that a previous owner installed on my r65.
Can anyone post or message me a pic of how the front brake hose is routed from the rear looking forward. Does it r...

Started 06/17/18 at 12:28:28 by shadowray
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13 269 Last Post 06/19/18 at 14:30:39
By: georgesgiralt
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Early square touring cases
Hello guys
I've bought a pair of these Touring cases. The early model without the "integral lock" set of locks.
They came cheap because there is no key for them.
So I need at least one...

Started 06/11/18 at 04:18:00 by georgesgiralt
4 134 Last Post 06/19/18 at 14:28:05
By: georgesgiralt
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Instrument panel
I never liked the instrument panel on the 1982 R65. So I'm planning to replace it. I have looked at the ACEWELL  2853.
Has anyone used the ACEWELL Digital Speedometer & Tachometer. Any problems w...

Started 05/22/18 at 14:42:22 by badgertom
3 156 Last Post 06/18/18 at 17:02:37
By: jamestnewsonr65
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Wheel bearing replacement
Since I have the wheels off for new rubber, I thought I might swap out the wheel bearings.  Based on the way the steering head bearing looked, I'm thinking that the wheel bearings didn't get much love...

Started 06/14/18 at 22:25:05 by DeeG
7 165 Last Post 06/18/18 at 11:00:49
By: DeeG
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Good day everyone,  I was cleaning my bike last night and I think I have a broken motor mount.  If you are sitting on it its the front right hand side.  (I will upload a picture later) right now I hav...

Started 06/05/18 at 13:00:32 by Luke D.
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By: skippyc
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Deformed Oil FIlter
I finally got around to doing my annual service today. 3623 miles ago I replaced the oil filter. When I removed it I found the misshapen object as shown in the photo.
I have heard that our motor...

Started 05/28/18 at 21:53:49 by jp9094
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4 133 Last Post 06/12/18 at 21:39:42
By: Semper Gumby
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one versus two crossover pipes?
New poster, apologies if this is redundant to something. My 1982 R65 has 2 crossover pipes and the front one is rusted out. Searches for used headers usually turn up pipes with just one crossover. a) ...

Started 06/07/18 at 19:33:07 by hephaist0s
5 151 Last Post 06/12/18 at 21:31:14
By: Semper Gumby
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Neutral switch problem R65
Good day all,
Looking for some advice regarding my neutral switch.
I got all safety controls working for my bike after rewire and has been riding for a while with a new neutral switch (brass...

Started 06/02/18 at 19:17:28 by Eric65123
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By: Tony Smith
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Water in Drive shaft
While doing my annual service, I drained the final drive oil, which looked like it had just come out of the container it was so clean.
When I drained the drive shaft I could see it was the color ...

Started 05/29/18 at 12:08:56 by jp9094
7 191 Last Post 06/06/18 at 09:37:50
By: Semper Gumby
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