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Voltmeter/Clock Mount
I was able to score a sweet deal on an original working clock and voltmeter with the pods on ebay. I was looking at the parts microfiche and saw parts number 11 and 10. (Pic below)
Does anybody h...

Started 12/11/17 at 08:02:34 by Julio A.
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Special Exhaust R65
On request some pictures from my special exhaust system.

Started 12/10/17 at 07:04:02 by Henk7777
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4 134 Last Post 12/12/17 at 05:18:40
By: peteremc
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Oil Pressure Sensor Replaement r65 LS
Tried unsuccessfully to search the forum for this advice (Kept being told I was overloading the site!!).  Noticed a small pool of oil on the left side of the bike in my parking spot after noting a dro...

Started 11/11/17 at 22:08:21 by jp9094
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6 168 Last Post 12/10/17 at 18:59:27
By: Justin B.
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Brake upgrade for 1984 R65: Brembo F08 --> F09?
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for excuses to tinker, and I've got it in my head that braking could be improved on my mostly-stock '84 R65.
The only modification to the front brake at present i...

Started 11/24/17 at 19:26:45 by qwerty123
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10 294 Last Post 12/10/17 at 18:46:42
By: Tony Smith
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Tachometer isn't steady.......always jumping.
I hope someone knows the cause of this problem...
I placed a new tachometer/odometer on my R65...a Koso RX2N.
Engine is running steady, but the tachometer is jumping between 500 and 1500 rmp...

Started 07/20/17 at 13:03:29 by Henk7777
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16 480 Last Post 12/10/17 at 10:17:01
By: Bob_Roller
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clutch adjustment woes.
I got around to changing to a shorter clutch cable since I put on the shorter bars. I pulled up Cutters " how to properly adjust your clutch" and went about making a coat hanger 201 mm in length. I ac...

Started 12/02/17 at 12:35:26 by wilcom
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7 156 Last Post 12/08/17 at 11:05:10
By: wilcom
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K100 brake hose conversion.
the K bikes run their front brakes in a far more sensible fashion than the Airheads generally do (in my less than humble opinion).

Anyway Motobins are having a sale and are selling the top...

Started 12/08/17 at 01:01:49 by Tony Smith
0 30 Last Post 12/08/17 at 01:01:49
By: Tony Smith
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Key switch issue
Hi everyone,
My euro spec key switch seems to have a problem in the 'headlight on' position, the terminals get hot and the headlight fades. Can anyone see a problem swapping the park light termin...

Started 11/21/17 at 16:55:40 by tunnelrider
6 142 Last Post 11/30/17 at 04:19:18
By: tunnelrider
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Getting a Pilit Activ to seat on a snow flake
I don't want to discuss what tire is best.  Shocked
There is enough of that on the webs already.
But I have heard Michelin PA's can be difficult to get seated on a snow flake rear wheel.
Is ...

Started 09/08/15 at 21:29:03 by Mrclubike
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20 992 Last Post 11/24/17 at 22:49:33
By: Justin B.
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Motogadget wiring diagram
It's been on mind for a while and I wanted to redo the wiring on an R80 project that I'm currently renovating, and decided to use an m-unit that I had kicking around.
One thing which I found diff...

Started 11/14/17 at 07:07:48 by jamestnewsonr65
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4 112 Last Post 11/21/17 at 10:21:49
By: guyom
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Snowflake (not whiney college kids) Question
Just got in a new set of Michelin Pilot Activ tires for the R100 and have decided to step over to the dark side and try them tubeless.  I am wanting to have everything on hand so I need to order a cou...

Started 11/19/17 at 23:02:18 by Justin B.
6 131 Last Post 11/21/17 at 07:36:29
By: DonC
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Synthetic Gear Lube
This info probably won't be much good to our friends across the pond, unless they have a neighborhood Wally-World (Wal-Mart)!  Wink
I was needing to change the lube in the final drive, drive-shaft,...

Started 11/17/17 at 16:47:07 by Justin B.
11 158 Last Post 11/20/17 at 18:44:43
By: Adrian
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Brake Fluid
All the bikes need brake fluid, clutch fluid replaced .
I've used Castrol brake fluid  ( LMA GT 3/4)  for about 40 years, no longer available in retail outlets locally, I really don't want to spe...

Started 11/17/17 at 17:11:15 by Bob_Roller
8 103 Last Post 11/18/17 at 18:10:17
By: Justin B.
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Clicking sound when accelerating
I was doing a quick ride this afternoon when I noticed a clicking sound from the bike everytime I fully release the clutch while accelerating from a complete stop.
As soon as I arrived back home...

Started 11/15/17 at 08:10:06 by Julio A.
6 139 Last Post 11/18/17 at 16:13:39
By: Barry
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Running in new engine components
I've changed and refurbished a few of the engine components on the r65 as I had some leaking push rod tube seals and thought that I may as well replace a few other elements as I was unsure on the comp...

Started 11/16/17 at 04:23:18 by jamestnewsonr65
11 163 Last Post 11/17/17 at 06:46:42
By: DonC
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Tube Recommendations
Hello All,
  Are tubes like tires and oil - don't start threads about them?  Just curious if anyone has any recs. or tips on what to shop for, brands to avoid, maybe a good value?  I'm going to b...

Started 11/14/17 at 12:05:27 by BPT
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Tachometer Blip And Ignition Switch
A few months back I replaced my original coil (with a Dyna) and also the ignition module (from EME).  Since then, I get a blip with the tach needle when turning the key for the ignition.
It never...

Started 11/14/17 at 13:46:56 by BPT
2 54 Last Post 11/14/17 at 16:01:50
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Sump Extension Plate
Hi - I have a 1984 R65 twin rear shock.
I have been considering fitting one of these plates once the reconditioned/modified motor has been run in.
I have two questions .......
Can it be...

Started 11/12/17 at 23:17:22 by Adrian
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By: Justin B.
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Siebenrock oil pan extension on the R65
So I had $100 burning a hole in my pocket 
I wanted to reduce the oil getting into my cylinders (Thru the breather) as much as possible and get my oil capacity to 3 qts and still be 1qt lower in...

Started 09/04/17 at 10:50:38 by Mrclubike
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By: Mrclubike
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Airbox Question
Hi all - the picture shows the airbox internals. I read somewhere that it's not necessary to connect up the plastic/rubber pipes to the engine breather. Is this correct?
I'm just being a bit laz...

Started 11/05/17 at 19:41:48 by Adrian
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6 137 Last Post 11/13/17 at 18:00:19
By: badgertom
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