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Horn upgrade
I have always been a bit disappointed with the sound and volume of the stock horn on my 1984 R65. I got a box of old horns from a friend and tried a bunch of them but none of them seemed any better. I...

Started 05/23/19 at 13:56:21 by davidpdx
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9 196 Last Post 05/25/19 at 19:08:34
By: Bob_Roller
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New brake disks and play
Hello !
I finally was able to wear the infamous iron front brake discs and stay alive so I put new BMW sourced (NOS) discs. And brake pads.
Using shims between the disk and the wheel I was a...

Started 04/19/18 at 12:27:55 by georgesgiralt
6 320 Last Post 05/22/19 at 11:25:32
By: Barry
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Fuel tank level gauge
I use 1982 R65LS, which currently under recondition.
Does anyone here have made modification on the Karcoma fuel valve into type with level sensor or level switch ? So we could take this signal i...

Started 05/12/19 at 07:44:08 by Sejati
9 251 Last Post 05/21/19 at 11:48:30
By: Sejati
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To use or not to use (oil pump cover)
Just godt this oil pump cover from a reputable seller.
It has some minor scratches and burrs to it, is this acceptable?

Started 05/09/19 at 16:59:36 by Soeren
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10 233 Last Post 05/19/19 at 02:12:10
By: Tony Smith
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Trip meter gear slipping
The last two times I've used the bike it has recorded fewer miles than actually ridden. 24 miles instead of 28 and 4 miles instead of 8.
The usual cause is well known, a pot metal gear wheel insi...

Started 05/14/19 at 03:44:41 by Barry
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3 103 Last Post 05/16/19 at 12:10:40
By: Barry
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Side stand question
Hello to all. I've recently sold a 83 R65 LS that I owned for a long time.
I just bought a 79 R65 and notice several differences, one of which is the center stand. On this new bike it's much har...

Started 04/21/19 at 21:12:34 by rick79r65
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16 460 Last Post 05/13/19 at 19:43:03
By: rick79r65
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1979 original paint colors.
I'm planning on painting my 1979 this summer. The original color is Silver Beige. I like it well enough but I'm thinking of perhaps a change. If so, I want to stick with an original 79 color.

Started 05/12/19 at 20:45:08 by rick79r65
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8 99 Last Post 05/13/19 at 05:39:31
By: rick79r65
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Considering Buying a Project
Hello all, just joined on here & have been reading for a couple days.
Thinking about buying a project. 1980 R65 that has been garage stored & unused for ~30yrs. Would be my first (owned) bike.<br...

Started 05/07/19 at 11:27:26 by JAMADOR
14 265 Last Post 05/09/19 at 12:33:39
By: MrRiden
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unhooked wires under the tank (turn signals)
Hello all. I am working on getting the bike back together. The PO cut the front turn signal stalks off. I bought a new front piece so that I can mount them back. BUT under the tank there is a connecti...

Started 05/06/19 at 15:21:01 by vthokies03
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6 132 Last Post 05/07/19 at 08:35:48
By: vthokies03
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LED Globes
Hi once again .......
Once my bike is finally fimished and running I intend to replace the main lights with LEDs.
Motorworks has a direct replacement kit for the rear but can ...

Started 02/07/19 at 02:07:47 by Adrian
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29 1190 Last Post 04/30/19 at 19:37:15
By: Tony Smith
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Grounded by a Lost Wedgie
There's a current Tech Section thread about a missing clutch cable's barrel -the small bit that captures the cable's soldered nipple and is a pivot point within the control lever. Newish owner had an ...

Started 11/26/14 at 11:46:03 by montmil
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13 1408 Last Post 04/30/19 at 04:45:45
By: Kelvin
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Ball bearing in light/horn switch assembly
Took my light/horn/indicator switch assembly off as part of my restoration and a little ball bearing fell out. Can anyone tell me how and best way to get it back in?

Started 04/22/19 at 02:45:35 by Sharky
5 144 Last Post 04/28/19 at 20:40:49
By: Justin B.
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What the!.... Starter Motor
So, I was changed the oil and filter yesterday and adjusted valve clearances and did a few other little odd jobs before I headed off on a couple of hours excursion, (which got very wet) before finally...

Started 04/13/19 at 02:11:55 by ged in oz
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By: ged in oz
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I've had my 1982 R65 off the road for a couple of years I'm putting it back on the road and seem to have a bit of a weird issue with the spark. There is no spark when turning over the engine b...

Started 03/10/19 at 12:40:45 by timg
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14 451 Last Post 04/25/19 at 15:20:29
By: timg
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Starter circuit
Morning!! I have been cranking the engine. I have a fuel issue that I'm busy resolving.
The battery ran down, so I charged it up. Still cranks, but no lights, until I pull the clutch in. Cranks ...

Started 04/24/19 at 02:23:27 by BooG
4 103 Last Post 04/24/19 at 20:00:26
By: Bob_Roller
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Alternate Master Cylinder to Replace Round ATE
I have tried to search for an answer with no success.
My 1980 R45/N has the round ATE master cylinder and the reservoir is in terrible condition and I suspect the piston and cylinder are not muc...

Started 04/10/19 at 09:26:51 by Carott
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8 269 Last Post 04/18/19 at 22:26:32
By: Carott
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Disassemble 1986 Monoshock
I'm trying to install a new BMW shock, the book I have suggests there are flats on the shaft to put a wrench on while I unscrew the top mount to remove the spring. Not so on either my 3k mile original...

Started 03/24/19 at 19:52:55 by JaysGarage
5 218 Last Post 04/10/19 at 21:26:47
By: JaysGarage
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Silicone gasket
After much abuse (aka landing on the valve cover a few times), one of my valve covers is warped.  For a while, I was doubling the stock gaskets, but then figured I could save some money / time and use...

Started 04/10/19 at 10:05:40 by Matt Chapter
2 99 Last Post 04/10/19 at 20:42:39
By: Mrclubike
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Wheel Bearing Question - Part 2
I was able to find replacement wheel bearings  from a local bearing supply.  As far as the seals, I want to be sure I get the correct ones.  Can I ask for any "shaft seal" that is 22 x 40 x 17?   Look...

Started 04/08/19 at 13:39:34 by BPT
3 119 Last Post 04/08/19 at 17:12:16
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Battery Width
My bike has manufacturer date 12/81 and when I bought it a year ago  there was no battery holder, the battery was sitting on a bit of plywood! I bought part no 61-21-1-243-302 battery hold down which ...

Started 04/08/19 at 04:53:20 by spiney
3 92 Last Post 04/08/19 at 16:03:05
By: Bob_Roller
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