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K100 master cylinder bore diameters.
I am about to fit a K100 front end to my R65. i have the choice of either Brembo twin piston calipers as fitted to the early model K100's or the later model 4 spot calipers - either will fit the K100 ...

Started 10/26/17 at 01:17:09 by Tony Smith
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6 106 Last Post 11/11/17 at 19:26:45
By: Burt
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New Battery Recommendation
Recently (last week or so) began to have starting problems on the '83 LS. Believe it to be a battery issue, but in my haste removed the battery tonight believing my charger was upstairs in the apartme...

Started 11/09/17 at 16:34:15 by jp9094
14 255 Last Post 11/11/17 at 17:20:35
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84 engine bits into a '79 case?
I have a complete 1984 R65 engine.
I have a matching numbers 1979 bike.  The 79 bike's top end is gone, and been open/exposed for years (although in a garage).  I'm not sure the condition of the...

Started 11/03/17 at 17:07:48 by jjwithers
13 139 Last Post 11/04/17 at 05:13:01
By: Tony Smith
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Leaking carbs
I have a leaky condition from each carb.
I am getting a hydro lock when starting from fuel leaking into the cylinder. Both sides,  as I can see leaky wetness on the header pipes close to the mot...

Started 11/01/17 at 08:37:18 by wilcom
12 182 Last Post 11/03/17 at 21:21:26
By: wilcom
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Valve Covers - Modern Vs. Peanut, And Painting
I've always liked the stock covers on my more "moden" bike.  But recently I saw a bike with some peanut covers that had been finished in black but with exposed fins and thought they looked pretty good...

Started 11/01/17 at 17:32:43 by BPT
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Piston cleaning technique
I was cleaning up an old piston to make into a paperweight or desk art for my neighbor today.  I came across a pretty good way of cleaning off the carbon that I thought I'd share.
I chucked a nyl...

Started 12/11/13 at 16:07:58 by Luca
7 237 Last Post 11/01/17 at 17:23:16
By: skippyc
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My apologies - ADOT
Hi Guys,
Well I can no longer get the gear oil I like.  No store stocks it anymore.
In talking with Valvoline, they are telling me that Valvoline Syncromesh MTL yellow metal safe from corros...

Started 10/31/17 at 10:01:08 by Semper Gumby
12 182 Last Post 10/31/17 at 22:16:09
By: Tony Smith
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Help identifying muffler
Hi all,
I am pretty sure this is the stock header pipes, but wondering what muffler this is?
I love the sound of this but can't identify it!!...

Started 10/19/17 at 22:45:54 by drewsonofdean
7 213 Last Post 10/30/17 at 09:49:02
By: Matt Chapter
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Junction between the two exhaust pipes... useful ?
well perhaps stupid question, but i have a hole in the junction tube of the pipes you know the small one in front of the alternator... that makes a junction between the two pipes... anyway... i look a...

Started 10/27/17 at 14:32:26 by guyom
6 148 Last Post 10/29/17 at 22:57:50
By: Justin B.
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Very slow leak from Brake reservoir
On my 1983 R65LS...there is evidence of a very slow leak out of the bottom of the Brake reservior. The level has slowly gone down and the black paint on the bottom rim of the reservoir situated on the...

Started 10/25/17 at 12:12:43 by suecanada
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10 156 Last Post 10/26/17 at 13:14:35
By: suecanada
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Engine Corrosion
Hi All,
My bike has some corrosion all over the engine. It isn't deeply pitted or anything, but needs work.
Not sure what the proper technique would be. I am trying to avoid have it bead bla...

Started 10/22/17 at 23:36:56 by drewsonofdean
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7 179 Last Post 10/25/17 at 22:16:37
By: drewsonofdean
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Beru Spark plugs
Found these Beru Plugs on eBay
They are the correct plug for our R65
The packaging was so interesting i had to post up pictures of it
This is the first time I have seen some  and the...

Started 10/15/17 at 12:58:00 by Mrclubike
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11 234 Last Post 10/19/17 at 17:18:30
By: tiggum
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That good old hanging rpm topic again
Hi all, yes I know this same topic has been covered many times (and maybe very recently by BPT) and I have searched and read a couple of posts on this subject so I do feel I've got a good handle on wh...

Started 08/29/17 at 15:14:54 by tunnelrider
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By: tunnelrider
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Motogadget M-Unit
Ok I'm going to start this with two apologies:-
1) Firstly any purists - look away now.
2) Secondly, aplogies if this has been asked before however the site isn't letting me do any searches...

Started 10/08/17 at 01:12:30 by black pearl
4 176 Last Post 10/13/17 at 10:30:27
By: marcmiller001
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Fitting an Acewell Speedo
Hi again - below are the pictures of how the clocks should look on my bike - and two pictures showing the Acewell 2853 and it's mounting bracket that I intend to fit instead.
My question i...

Started 10/09/17 at 23:37:52 by Adrian
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5 196 Last Post 10/11/17 at 19:54:03
By: Adrian
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Side cover mount
Hello all, does anyone know where I can find the correct screw that holds the side covers on? Went to motobins, but no luck. Thanks

Started 10/10/17 at 20:35:16 by Pacman
2 89 Last Post 10/11/17 at 08:43:07
By: Billmc
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New and annoying neutral switch
Hi all, just wondering if anyone else has had problems with a new neutral switch, I got my one from MB (I'm not bagging MB as this is the first part from them out of about 30 new parts from them that ...

Started 10/02/17 at 01:07:16 by tunnelrider
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10 298 Last Post 10/07/17 at 08:33:00
By: Mrclubike
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Silicone VS standard Valve cover gaskets
Just a update on having my heads rebuilt by Ted Porter
Ted recommended having the valve cover mating surfaces milled parallel to the head gasket surface
It was $60.00 USD extra
And I ...

Started 10/05/17 at 20:34:10 by Mrclubike
3 119 Last Post 10/06/17 at 23:16:09
By: Justin B.
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oil leak
i've got a question.. i remove the airbox from my R65 1981 and put some K&N filter. Work properly just need to adjust the carb. Then, but it was here before, there is a hose that come from the carter ...

Started 09/22/17 at 13:41:22 by guyom
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10 313 Last Post 10/06/17 at 22:35:56
By: nhmaf
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What does a new float weight
I know Tony has posted this already
I have one that looks new and is a gram less than 3 year old ones that I am using now
I am hoping that I only need to buy just one

Started 09/29/17 at 21:01:47 by Mrclubike
This topic contains 2 attachments
6 172 Last Post 10/02/17 at 20:20:46
By: Mrclubike
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