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Torque valķes for 1979 R65
Can anybody confirm if these settings are right. 
Drive shaft bolts 32NM
Swing arm pins 10NM
Swing arm nuts  105 NM
I got these from Chris Harris's Utube site.   I don't have a sh...

Started 06/15/19 at 16:37:33 by Jschara
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4 226 Last Post 07/03/19 at 08:20:48
By: Barry
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R65 (R65LS) Piston
Does anyone can advise whether this is original piston for BMW R65 (R65LS in my case) ?
It has flat top, marking embossed RW inside.
If it is not, than I need to look for the original, eithe...

Started 06/16/19 at 09:22:01 by Sejati
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14 580 Last Post 07/02/19 at 11:33:01
By: Sejati
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Silicone gasket
After much abuse (aka landing on the valve cover a few times), one of my valve covers is warped.  For a while, I was doubling the stock gaskets, but then figured I could save some money / time and use...

Started 04/10/19 at 10:05:40 by Matt Chapter
6 280 Last Post 06/28/19 at 19:03:49
By: skippyc
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Wiring up my Wixom bags
Is there anyone out there who could explain (in very simple terms) how to wire my Wixom bags to the rear brake light switch?   
I have a Red/Green and a Black/Green wire coming off the switch. I...

Started 06/26/19 at 15:53:50 by Jschara
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2 299 Last Post 06/27/19 at 22:25:12
By: Mrclubike
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Tube size question
I am retiring and I'm mounting a 90/90 up front and a 110/90 in the rear. Is there one tube that will fit both front and rear? I would like to buy 3 and keep one for a spare. I'm seeing tubes for 90/9...

Started 10/22/18 at 22:16:33 by wilcom
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28 1581 Last Post 06/26/19 at 20:40:10
By: wilcom
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front brake lever piston rubber parts?
1984 R65.
Any sources?  Any ideas?
Second time I've had to replace this.  Ok.  Maybe I didn't hone the barrel as perfectly as I should have before replacing the single 100 dollar (shipped c...

Started 06/20/19 at 18:28:03 by svejkovat
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5 257 Last Post 06/25/19 at 21:06:18
By: Mrclubike
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Won't turn past bottom dead center ('83 R65 w/860)
I just installed my new clutch, new connecting rods and pistons. But I noticed that I cant turn the engine over by hand (pull kickstart when the trans is in the bike, or turn flywheel when the trans i...

Started 05/27/19 at 10:05:25 by Soeren
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16 935 Last Post 06/19/19 at 09:54:32
By: Sejati
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Trip meter gear slipping
The last two times I've used the bike it has recorded fewer miles than actually ridden. 24 miles instead of 28 and 4 miles instead of 8.
The usual cause is well known, a pot metal gear wheel insi...

Started 05/14/19 at 03:44:41 by Barry
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8 383 Last Post 06/17/19 at 17:00:00
By: ged in oz
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Ignition Bean Can Wiring
Iím just getting around to replacing the noisy timing chain on my Ď83 R65 which is going along ok, except for this little issue.... The pile of electrical tape over the ignition connector was a giveaw...

Started 06/02/19 at 21:18:23 by ged in oz
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8 318 Last Post 06/16/19 at 19:12:19
By: ged in oz
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New Airhead Owner - Needs Help! (Lots of Images)
Fellow airheads, I am a new proud owner of a 1982 R65. This is my first motorcycle so I am not entirely sure what I am doing.
Here is a picture of the bike:
A quick description (from seller):
16000 Miles. Features ...

Started 05/01/19 at 07:26:18 by andrelitinsky
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24 1506 Last Post 06/13/19 at 05:09:57
By: tunnelrider
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Purchase of new battery
My battery went dead over the winter. So I need to buy a new one. The manual says the battery should be 12 Volt  16Ah. On the internet I found 12v 30Ah Batteries at a reasonable price. Would the 30Ah ...

Started 06/12/19 at 09:13:16 by badgertom
3 168 Last Post 06/12/19 at 12:10:51
By: Bob_Roller
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Starter Trouble
82 R65...just put battery in after storage in warm dry basement. Will not engage starter...lights work but all I get is a "click" and starter doesn't turn or engage. Is this a battery problem or start...

Started 06/09/19 at 16:58:18 by vtmando
7 243 Last Post 06/10/19 at 13:21:37
By: tiggum
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I was going to start a thread a few weeks ago about the various pannier versions and what goes with what, but I didnít!, so I only have myself to blame for my current predicament....
The first ph...

Started 06/07/19 at 18:52:15 by ged in oz
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6 214 Last Post 06/08/19 at 11:21:37
By: Barry
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'79 Clutch Cable Routing
Could anyone provide a routing diagram, photos or proper explanation on how the clutch cable goes (past) the crash-pad, along the frame tube?
In earlier post, I questioned if thes...

Started 06/05/19 at 12:00:10 by John T
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4 239 Last Post 06/06/19 at 17:58:59
By: John T
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anyone have experience with Seibenrock 850cc kits?
I'm toying with the idea....
The last time I though about this was way back when "madam's" R65 was still a 1979 650cc in all its breathless glory. I could not find *anyone* who had a positive exp...

Started 04/08/16 at 19:56:16 by Tony Smith
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By: Tony Smith
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Starter lube?
I recently remover my starter on my 1979 R65 to replace the battery cable and line from starter to the diode board.  My question is should the shaft that the pinion gear slides on be lubed?  And if so...

Started 06/02/19 at 10:06:53 by Jschara
2 148 Last Post 06/02/19 at 17:47:10
By: Jschara
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Horn upgrade
I have always been a bit disappointed with the sound and volume of the stock horn on my 1984 R65. I got a box of old horns from a friend and tried a bunch of them but none of them seemed any better. I...

Started 05/23/19 at 13:56:21 by davidpdx
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9 333 Last Post 05/25/19 at 19:08:34
By: Bob_Roller
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New brake disks and play
Hello !
I finally was able to wear the infamous iron front brake discs and stay alive so I put new BMW sourced (NOS) discs. And brake pads.
Using shims between the disk and the wheel I was a...

Started 04/19/18 at 12:27:55 by georgesgiralt
6 432 Last Post 05/22/19 at 11:25:32
By: Barry
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Fuel tank level gauge
I use 1982 R65LS, which currently under recondition.
Does anyone here have made modification on the Karcoma fuel valve into type with level sensor or level switch ? So we could take this signal i...

Started 05/12/19 at 07:44:08 by Sejati
9 399 Last Post 05/21/19 at 11:48:30
By: Sejati
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To use or not to use (oil pump cover)
Just godt this oil pump cover from a reputable seller.
It has some minor scratches and burrs to it, is this acceptable?

Started 05/09/19 at 16:59:36 by Soeren
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10 359 Last Post 05/19/19 at 02:12:10
By: Tony Smith
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