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R65 ignition switch wiring
I'm having some trouble wiring my ignition switch.
If I got it right it would be like follows:
1 = 58 = grey wire
2 = 30? = red wire
3 = 30? = red wire
4 = 56 = †green/grey wi...

Started 04/28/16 at 10:58:07 by Soeren
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29 2217 Last Post 03/20/18 at 12:03:12
By: jp9094
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Shock information
I'v been looking at different shock options for my 1983 (produced late 1982) R65 (RT).
I wonna go for something nice (aka overkill  Wink) as it is my daily driver, and the one bike I dont see mysel...

Started 03/07/18 at 16:04:24 by Soeren
14 517 Last Post 03/14/18 at 17:36:17
By: skippyc
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Indicators (blinkers) not working - Advice please!
Hi everyone.† Last year my indicators stopped working - all of them.† They worked one day and the next day they didn't - nothing.† There were no warnings, no slow / fast / dim / brights flashing - the...

Started 03/05/18 at 14:41:10 by AJB
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11 279 Last Post 03/07/18 at 19:45:27
By: Mrclubike
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Michelin Pilot Activ
Looks like Michelin  is starting to put the Macadam out to pasture.  But I'm moving up in the world...They are making the Pilot Activ in the 4.00H18 size so all is not lost. 
I'll let your know ...

Started 01/12/10 at 10:06:40 by Semper Gumby
11 443 Last Post 02/26/18 at 23:21:46
By: qwerty123
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how to repair dashboard padding ?
Hello !
I've my "rubber" padding cracked at the tacho.
I used Neoprene glue to repair it but the fault open again.
I've seen a lot of these padding broken at the same spot.
So I...

Started 02/23/18 at 13:03:43 by georgesgiralt
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5 181 Last Post 02/25/18 at 16:45:54
By: Carott
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The $600 C clip
What a disaster I have just uncovered. Removing the heads to send away for a top end valve job I discovered a completely wrecked left hand nikasil barrel, a scraped up and deformed piston with the bot...

Started 01/17/18 at 22:34:14 by Kookaburra
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35 1056 Last Post 02/23/18 at 07:48:41
By: Kookaburra
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Oil pan leak and torque wrench setting.
Had a small oil pan gasket leak and noticed bolts were loose and had regular flat washers. Replaced the washers with lock variety and re-tightened bolts. Tightened to 3lbs/si which seemed good for the...

Started 02/21/18 at 17:26:23 by Lordcargo
4 147 Last Post 02/22/18 at 17:54:13
By: Mrclubike
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Euro Headlight Switch
I have one of these with the plugs on the end of the harness.  Was I naÔve in thinking it was plug and play?  Scouring the net, I'm seeing people talking about changing some wiring but these aren't R6...

Started 02/07/18 at 09:46:07 by BPT
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35 718 Last Post 02/17/18 at 19:30:13
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Steering head wear
Hi everyone,
In five years of stewardship of my R65 I've never had to visit the steering. But on the last big tour a few weeks ago I've noticed the steering head/ forks getting clunky sounding ov...

Started 02/17/18 at 03:21:13 by tunnelrider
4 141 Last Post 02/17/18 at 17:10:50
By: tunnelrider
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Battery Recommendation
  My battery is beginning to show it's age and I want to get something new before I get stranded. Anyone have a recommendation? More interested in reliability than lowest price. Thanks, David

Started 02/12/18 at 18:18:42 by davidpdx
7 205 Last Post 02/15/18 at 20:23:41
By: Justin B.
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Driveline Lash
Typically, how much should I be able to rotate my rear wheel when off the ground and in first gear (engine not running)r? I would expect this to represent the total drive line lash from the engine to ...

Started 11/24/10 at 16:19:39 by Dave
5 283 Last Post 02/14/18 at 14:27:40
By: Runninn1
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Driveshaft lubrication
The splined driveshaft fits over the geared rearend drive & is immersed in 150cc of gear lube. The question is why? (Don't shoot the messenger). Wouldn't keeping the shaft lubed (agreeable difficult d...

Started 02/12/18 at 07:52:21 by Runninn1
5 176 Last Post 02/13/18 at 14:56:45
By: Runninn1
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Unknown item in service kit
I'm doing a service on a 1982 R65LS and purchased a service kit from Motobins and it has this in it and I have no idea what it is for. It is completely flat. I'm certain someone on here will know what...

Started 02/09/18 at 20:46:00 by peteremc
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10 246 Last Post 02/11/18 at 11:08:36
By: Mrclubike
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Ural parts & accessories that fit modern airhead
One of the reasons I got an Airhead is that they are very straight forward in design
Making them easy to work on and easily modified
That being said I  like to tinker and modify my R65<br /...

Started 01/14/18 at 17:58:18 by Mrclubike
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37 890 Last Post 02/09/18 at 08:55:33
By: wilcom
Normal Topic we go
Don't let the number of posts be deceiving... many many bikes here and original owner of 86 r65 w/75k miles. Anyways, when I arrived home yesterday the driveshaft was making the lovely 'crunching/clic...

Started 01/27/18 at 09:20:42 by Runninn1
6 202 Last Post 02/09/18 at 08:46:57
By: Tony Smith
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1987 Wiring Diagram
I'm looking for a clean, color-coded, high quality wiring diagram for an 1987 R65 USA model that I can enlarge to poster size. 
I know there is one around here somewhere but dang if I can find i...

Started 02/01/18 at 15:26:18 by Billmc
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9 227 Last Post 02/07/18 at 09:38:28
By: Billmc
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Rear swing arm adjustment
I just noticed that my rear wheel isnít aligned.  Iím getting some rubbing on the left inside of fender and the tire is very close to the drive shaft.  Anyone have a procedure to do this alignment?

Started 02/05/18 at 18:29:21 by MikeFossl
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5 134 Last Post 02/06/18 at 19:47:06
By: Mrclubike
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Bare minimum of wiring
I have an R65LS that I bought as a spare parts bike when I rebuilt mine. I didn't use enough of it to justice breaking it and selling it for parts but it is not enough to want to do a full restore. I ...

Started 02/03/18 at 20:53:44 by marcmax
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9 212 Last Post 02/05/18 at 15:00:06
By: Tony Smith
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New Battery
      Just took my 83 R65 out for the first ride of the year on Sunday. As I charged the battery up in preparation, it got hot and struggled to start the bike. Any recommendations for a new battery? H...

Started 01/30/18 at 22:15:45 by davidpdx
4 140 Last Post 01/31/18 at 20:13:05
By: Justin B.
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Engine sparking when I turn off the key! BOOM!
HI folks!  I'm a new member and am writing to you from France.  I've got a problem with my R65 (see subject) and am really stumped.  Switching off the key creates a spark on both spark plugs--the bang...

Started 08/31/17 at 00:25:39 by Jumpinjimmy
14 426 Last Post 01/30/18 at 22:00:19
By: davidpdx
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