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Carb Rebuild Kits
I know not to order direct from Bing due to cost.  I know that BMW is supposed to have the same Bing stuff for less.  How about the aftermarket kits?  Any that are good or absolutely avoid?  It seems ...

Started 09/01/17 at 10:18:56 by BPT
12 118 Last Post 09/01/17 at 21:37:18
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Clutch cable replacement
Snapped the clutch cable at the hand lever near the end of a beautiful 6 hour tour through some of the best roads ANYWHERE, in the Texas Hill Country on Sunday. Was shifting a BUNCH (very technical ro...

Started 08/16/17 at 15:02:45 by Billmc
9 237 Last Post 08/31/17 at 14:11:47
By: Billmc
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Need Troubleshooting Help - Carbs, Timing?
Cranked up the bike for a ride last night. It started right up and sounded very nice - ba da dump, ba da dump, ba da dump.  It idled for a bit while I got situated, I left the driveway, got about 2 bl...

Started 08/19/17 at 20:03:44 by BPT
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42 575 Last Post 08/25/17 at 22:08:59
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Max size for front tire...
Hi guys, do you think a 110-80R18 sounds good for front tire. i found a Pirelli MT 60RS good for Montreal road (which are in the middle of on-road and off road tails except downtown... hum and not sur...

Started 08/25/17 at 08:59:34 by guyom
5 89 Last Post 08/25/17 at 13:11:42
By: guyom
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trouble shooting ;-)
Hi Guys, question for you : i ran with my bike (R65 1981) and suddenly.... the engine starts to misfire, i mean the idle was ok (well the for problem) but since i started to accelerate... rattatatata ...

Started 08/14/17 at 09:05:09 by guyom
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21 293 Last Post 08/21/17 at 08:49:18
By: guyom
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Tyre Pressures - how to.....
I have a 1980 twinshock 65.
The valves are so close to the "spokes"  (allow snowflake pattern) on the wheels, I can't get an air line on them and have had to resort to using a foot pump with a ri...

Started 08/14/17 at 09:01:50 by Fraggle
7 147 Last Post 08/17/17 at 02:33:58
By: georgesgiralt
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Two Electrical Switch Questions
Any tricks or advice on getting the accessory switches to seat in the dash pad?  I can get them down through the metal rectangle opening straight and evenly but can't get them the go all the way down ...

Started 08/03/17 at 12:12:43 by BPT
13 213 Last Post 08/16/17 at 13:42:23
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idle issue
g'day all
my bike has been running perfect the last 2 weeks, on the weekend i took fuel tank off and airfilter and left them off for 3 days. when i put everything back on im getting a really glug...

Started 08/10/17 at 23:41:20 by tommie005
8 147 Last Post 08/13/17 at 09:14:41
By: Barry
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quick question
one of my choke cables just from carburetor to the twin socket  has broken. is this an issue, or will it be fine to ride?

Started 08/06/17 at 04:55:54 by tommie005
7 150 Last Post 08/07/17 at 10:11:52
By: marcmax
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Proper wire
Does anyone have a source for the proper size and colors of wire as well as connectors. I have an 1982 R65 and the harness needs some love.
Thanks Crash

Started 07/30/17 at 15:19:26 by crashradius
14 181 Last Post 08/02/17 at 18:34:08
By: crashradius
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What the sock?!
Hi everyone, in my southern mid winter madness of intending to just replace the timing chain I'm getting further and further away from completing the task.. While splashing the more exposed than norma...

Started 07/06/17 at 01:44:41 by tunnelrider
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28 517 Last Post 08/01/17 at 05:43:26
By: tunnelrider
Moved Topic
Moved: 'handle bars for r65ls'
This Topic has been moved to Trading Post by Justin B.
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Shift lever suddenly feels lighter?
Hi all,
Towards the end of my cross-country ride I noticed that the shift lever suddenly felt lighter. I think it's in both the up and down directions.
I immediately thought of a broken spri...

Started 07/24/17 at 01:43:02 by qwerty123
11 194 Last Post 07/27/17 at 09:59:54
By: Matt Chapter
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Acewell Speedo
A short story about an Australian company that went beyond the call to help me. The company is S3 – who sells – amongst other things – Acewell speedos of all different styles.

Started 07/24/17 at 01:38:55 by Adrian
10 195 Last Post 07/26/17 at 11:37:46
By: marcmax
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Valve Adjustment - First Time
I need to do it and this will be my first attempt.    I was supposed to get a training session on this from Perry shortly before he died so now I'm on my own.  Soooo ...... Is there anywhere online or...

Started 05/25/17 at 14:06:49 by BPT
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50 935 Last Post 07/25/17 at 00:34:35
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Oil leak from the Brake Cam
I  have been having  problems with an  oil leak from the brake cam
Of course it likes to leak when I am on a long trip
and get all over the side of the tire 
So I am going try these ...

Started 07/22/17 at 20:35:49 by Mrclubike
11 161 Last Post 07/24/17 at 20:58:16
By: Mrclubike
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Seepage And A Short Stud - How Embarrassing
Dammit, Justin. I knew as soon as I said it that I shouldn't have - that I've never had a problem with leaks or seepage. But now I do........
I finally got around to adjusting the valves. It went...

Started 06/28/17 at 15:56:02 by BPT
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21 303 Last Post 07/23/17 at 04:54:23
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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1982 R65LS Front Brake Rotor Dilemma
I picked up an R65LS a month ago that has a warped front rotor or two. The previous owner bought it from someone that had let it sit for years and was trying to get it up and running. The previous own...

Started 06/12/17 at 21:45:51 by Rodeogeo
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32 653 Last Post 07/21/17 at 18:52:27
By: Bob_Roller
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Dear all
I replaced the gearbox neutral switch over the winter and, to do so, had to remove the gearbox top bolt spacer that gets in the way.  It was a bugger to get out.  Anyway, switch replaced...

Started 06/20/17 at 04:29:31 by Jeremy R65
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21 442 Last Post 07/20/17 at 17:17:51
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Getting a Pilit Activ to seat on a snow flake
I don't want to discuss what tire is best.  Shocked
There is enough of that on the webs already.
But I have heard Michelin PA's can be difficult to get seated on a snow flake rear wheel.
Is ...

Started 09/08/15 at 21:29:03 by Mrclubike
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16 820 Last Post 07/19/17 at 11:37:12
By: qwerty123
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