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clearance of packet rack and saddle
I've just got a set of touring cases and the accompanying mounting racks. It was a PITA to mount because the rack was somewhat twisted, but I managed it.
I did not get the rear packe...

Started 08/03/18 at 09:24:27 by georgesgiralt
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5 117 Last Post 08/06/18 at 01:26:46
By: georgesgiralt
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Should this even be running?
My new to me(I have about 6-700  miles on it)1984 R65LS has been running fine since I purchased it. I initially changed all the fluids when I brought it home but did not do any tune up stuff as it was...

Started 04/03/18 at 14:51:25 by wilcom
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64 1793 Last Post 08/04/18 at 11:41:53
By: Barry
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Rumbling D/s rear dif
86 R65 with 75,000 miles. I rode 10 miles to work and back yesterday and there is a very obvious 'rumble' coming from the rear driveshaft/rear - end area. I recently had it apart to lube the splines &...

Started 08/01/18 at 07:53:02 by Runninn1
4 117 Last Post 08/02/18 at 18:09:03
By: Mrclubike
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Softest spring for Koni 7610-1427 rear shocks?
I have a set of Konis on The R65LS but even though the preload and the dampening screw at the top are set at the softest settings, I want it softer so the bike sags more with just my 130 lbs sitting o...

Started 07/30/18 at 14:45:37 by suecanada
4 79 Last Post 08/01/18 at 19:34:36
By: suecanada
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cylinder head question
Hi !
I've just got a pair of second hand heads for my R65.
I intent to have them totally refurbished and use them in my "new" motor (I'm preparing my retirement....).
Both heads have a...

Started 07/31/18 at 02:18:42 by georgesgiralt
4 106 Last Post 07/31/18 at 21:59:53
By: georgesgiralt
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Battery Question
Hi - I have a 600 watt conversion on the charging system. I currently have an 18aH battery fitted. What size (aH) battery is recommended so that I have a good amount of charge on tap. Thanks.. .

Started 07/29/18 at 06:52:12 by Adrian
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4 99 Last Post 07/29/18 at 18:29:13
By: Adrian
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Forks And Torques
I've got the front wheel off as well and need some clarification from the manual (yes, I promise I do read it).  On the torque table, it lists "Clamp bolts" and "Allen bolt" and the torque spec is ver...

Started 07/25/18 at 18:24:33 by BPT
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7 132 Last Post 07/27/18 at 08:57:48
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Motobins or Motorworks
Looking to buy new mufflers.  Any other recommendations shipped to British Columbia Canada? 
Motorworks has cheaper shipping but prices are similar.

Started 07/16/18 at 10:41:39 by MikeFossl
5 154 Last Post 07/26/18 at 09:37:44
By: MikeFossl
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Wheel & Drive Spline Lube
I've taken my rear wheel off to have a tire installed and I know I need to take care of the splines.  This is my first time so what do I need to know?  I know I need to clean them first.  Do you all a...

Started 07/24/18 at 17:41:41 by BPT
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11 138 Last Post 07/26/18 at 00:01:37
By: georgesgiralt
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Alternator Light
Occasionally the light stays on after starting when cold.  It usually winks out after a minute or two but it seems to be staying on longer and happening more often.   Where should I start looking for ...

Started 07/23/18 at 19:20:38 by MikeFossl
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6 109 Last Post 07/24/18 at 20:09:10
By: Bob_Roller
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Betor Shocks
At Motobins for 85 Pounds...anyone have anything to say about these?

Started 07/24/18 at 16:05:48 by MikeFossl
1 49 Last Post 07/24/18 at 16:42:22
By: Tony Smith
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79 R65 - Anemic performance after 3K RPM
Hi All.
I'm still new to my 79 R65 and have been slowly working on tuning it. Have seemed to hit a bit of a wall on it and would like some ideas of what to check.
Symptoms - Starts and idles...

Started 07/21/18 at 17:01:27 by bonesteel
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9 152 Last Post 07/24/18 at 16:03:37
By: bonesteel
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My wife managed to knock over my parked r 65 LS last night. Besides breaking the right side mirror and my "Parabellum" windscreen she also managed to pop out the black upper trim panel/dashboard AND d...

Started 07/23/18 at 12:51:40 by jp9094
6 124 Last Post 07/24/18 at 14:54:47
By: jp9094
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Another Question About Fuel
The owners manual for my '79 R65 says that I should run premium fuel.  However when I removed the plugs last fall just after I bought it I noticed that they were carboned up....Either the bike had bee...

Started 05/02/08 at 08:39:55 by Crossrodes
13 526 Last Post 07/23/18 at 02:58:11
By: georgesgiralt
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R65 1984 Diode Board
Hi there - a friend has a totalled diode board on his 1977 R100s. I have a second hand one from my 1984 R65 - will it be suitable for his  bike.

Started 07/13/18 at 22:51:13 by Adrian
4 95 Last Post 07/21/18 at 14:51:35
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Good afternoon.
I had some time off recently, so my attempts to revive the R65 have begun. There is a new dyna coil, rebuilt carbs, rebuilt bean can, new points n plugs and some fresh gas. The ta...

Started 07/03/18 at 11:40:00 by BooG
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13 342 Last Post 07/20/18 at 12:03:18
By: BooG
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Fork rebuild
Hello my guys
I'm standing before a fork rebuild because of a blown forkseal and the fact that I have no idea what state the fork is in, but judging by how the rest of the bike was maintained by ...

Started 07/09/18 at 03:19:47 by Soeren
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11 283 Last Post 07/20/18 at 05:26:12
By: georgesgiralt
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Would R80 speedo work on R65?
The speedo on my '83 R65 blew up. I'm about to go on a trip and it'd be nice to have a working speedo. I've got one from an '85 R80RT. I realize it reads to 140mph but I was wondering if the ratio is ...

Started 07/17/18 at 14:26:56 by Mucci
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11 181 Last Post 07/19/18 at 17:22:56
By: orforester
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Airbox Question
Hi all - the picture shows the airbox internals. I read somewhere that it's not necessary to connect up the plastic/rubber pipes to the engine breather. Is this correct?
I'm just being a bit laz...

Started 11/05/17 at 19:41:48 by Adrian
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13 400 Last Post 07/19/18 at 08:10:49
By: hoverdog
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Steering bearing adjustment how-to?
I'm getting a wobble in the front end of my '83 R65. I keep seeing people reference a steering bearing adjustment procedure when I search this issue but can't find the actual procedure. Is it simply r...

Started 07/17/18 at 11:22:33 by Mucci
3 57 Last Post 07/17/18 at 14:46:17
By: georgesgiralt
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