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Exhaust questions
Excuse me if answers have been posted before. Since both the headers and cans are in pretty rough shape on my LS, I'm planning on giving high-temp engine paint a shot before biting the bullet and goin...

Started 02/26/07 at 22:43:13 by Mumford (Ex Member)
6 418 Last Post 02/27/07 at 22:53:52
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Overlooked Maintenance Items
Removed the exhaust system today in preparation for some major work, and came across a few items that need to be addressed on occasion. I found the countersunk bolt that holds the sidestand on , loose...

Started 02/27/07 at 18:55:58 by Bob_Roller
1 189 Last Post 02/27/07 at 22:51:27
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Brake Calipers
I own a 1982 R65. I'm interested in converting it to dual disc brakes in the front. Do they make a Brembo caliper that will work or do I need to be on the lookout for the LS setup.

Started 02/25/07 at 06:03:06 by tmcgeesr (Ex Member)
8 482 Last Post 02/25/07 at 12:38:17
By: its only me - Ex Member
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Anyone with gearbox out at the moment?
Just looking at my clutch pushrod. Not sure why the ridges, pretty sure they shouldn't be there. Only thing to cause this is the oil seal, although not sure why.
Anyone seen similar?

Started 02/23/07 at 20:07:12 by Chris in BC
10 671 Last Post 02/25/07 at 02:48:00
By: airhead - Ex Member
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R65 Question
I just picked up the book How to Restore Your BMW Twin 1955-1985 by Mick Walker.  Lots of useful stuff.  I haven't read it cover to cover, but was intrigued by a caption on p. 34 under a picture of an...

Started 02/23/07 at 01:09:15 by ddbass (Ex Member)
3 293 Last Post 02/23/07 at 15:35:26
By: nhmaf
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s Brembo Caliper help needed please... R65LS
One of the problems of not having a garage or workshop and therefore having to work out doors is not having a decent workbench to strip and clean parts. this being the case I removed my r/h (as when s...

Started 02/18/07 at 16:26:09 by its only me (Ex Member)
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22 1399 Last Post 02/23/07 at 15:27:47
By: nhmaf
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New Seat Cover
Well I haven't been here in a while, and the new board is quite nice. On to my question.....
My stock seat has quite a few tears in the cover, and I am planning to get it recovered at a local cus...

Started 01/10/07 at 14:35:15 by vontresc (Ex Member)
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20 1154 Last Post 02/22/07 at 14:25:16
By: Paul - Ex Member
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Stainless Steel Axles
Has anyone used any of these?  I see them come up from time-to-time on e-Bay...  Seems like every old Beemer I buy has a really nasty looking rear axle, usually the front's not too bad.  I've been thi...

Started 02/17/07 at 23:28:20 by Justin B.
2 208 Last Post 02/18/07 at 15:10:05
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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push rod seal leaking oil
While we are on oil.........and oil leaks...............has anyone replaced the push rod seals on their bike. I am getting a few drops of oil from a push rod seal leak.....not enough to make me want j...

Started 02/13/07 at 22:27:27 by scottyintex (Ex Member)
12 1070 Last Post 02/18/07 at 00:27:28
By: Chris in BC
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Oil, yes that old chestnut
Do any of you run your beemers on Synthetic oil?  if so how do you find it.
If not, what grade of mineral oil do you use, and how often do you change it and the filter?

Started 02/12/07 at 15:50:31 by its only me (Ex Member)
11 719 Last Post 02/16/07 at 21:48:43
By: MrRiden
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Brake Hoses
Had a prob re-registering. My R65 needs this site, trust me!! So happy to be back!
Ok...leaking brake hose on my 1980 R65. It has twin front discs and Brembos. Pads probably contaminated...yet to...

Started 02/01/07 at 17:23:08 by BooG
14 621 Last Post 02/14/07 at 23:26:22
By: Semper Gumby
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Circuit Breakers Instead Of Fuses
Saw a post on Boxerworks about an owner of a Harley that installed circuit breakers in place of fuses. An interesting idea. I searched for automotive circuit breakers, and found one that will fit into...

Started 02/14/07 at 18:01:30 by Bob_Roller
3 261 Last Post 02/14/07 at 22:36:07
By: Semper Gumby
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Lower steering bearing inner race removal
I've a 1983 R65LS "project."  I'm currently trying to get the inner lower steering bearing race off the triple tree.  I've tried a bearing splitter, but can't fit the tool in because of the steering s...

Started 02/11/07 at 15:34:09 by ed_delaney (Ex Member)
11 551 Last Post 02/12/07 at 19:38:17
By: Chris in BC
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Stock Fuses
Bill Conquest's trouble with his turn signals, and Kling Tut's reference to stock ceramic-type fuses our bikes use, inspired me to start this thread.
A couple of years ago all my lights were work...

Started 02/07/07 at 13:50:04 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
13 798 Last Post 02/11/07 at 22:08:41
By: Semper Gumby
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Relay Question
Can anyone help me i.d. a relay under the tank - I can.t figure out what it does & am having a headlight problem. There are 3 relays, front to back the 1st is starter, #2(going towards the back) is th...

Started 01/28/07 at 19:51:16 by Bill Conquest
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26 1584 Last Post 02/10/07 at 16:57:52
By: Bill Conquest
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what other rims can be used?
i have the standard "snowflake" aluminum rims. what other rims fit our r65's? was there a spoke wheel? a different pattern aluminum rim? is this another one of those it will work with everything excep...

Started 02/01/07 at 12:51:33 by Jon P (Ex Member)
12 919 Last Post 02/08/07 at 18:20:24
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Ed's transmission woes...
Hmph.  As of yesterday I have considerably more to do and to spend, tho my income has not increased.  I was riding to the coast with my brother when I started noticing some weird vibrations, but I tho...

Started 12/31/06 at 15:46:31 by Ed Miller
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39 1917 Last Post 02/07/07 at 21:59:00
By: Ed Miller
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New float system for BING carbs
Has anyone installed the new float system for the BING cabs? It has two floats. It is supposed to help with the engine from getting to rich while accelerating. Fuel sloshes back float drops fuel overf...

Started 01/17/07 at 20:05:59 by Sspandra (Ex Member)
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19 1134 Last Post 02/06/07 at 21:48:16
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Fuel consumption drama:
Evening all.
Well, as documented, I had a small stack the other day, and when it happened, I did have petrol flood the left carby to the point it poured out on to the ground while she was laying ...

Started 01/15/07 at 08:52:18 by milkman (Ex Member)
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23 1297 Last Post 02/06/07 at 20:19:12
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Hi to all
Hi dear friends,
Have managed to register, back from the old forum.
All's good, except for the bad news that the R65 is down since a week ago, probably due to stripping of the spline?

Started 02/04/07 at 19:56:53 by mbl (Ex Member)
7 406 Last Post 02/05/07 at 14:02:36
By: Chris in BC
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