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Clutch Alignment Tool
While I was at the shop that's doing my clutch overhaul, I noticed they had a display rack of plastic clutch alignment tools. I havn't remembered to get one yet, I requested the dimensions on the old ...

Started 04/25/07 at 15:43:16 by Bob_Roller
4 383 Last Post 04/26/07 at 07:30:11
By: Justin B.
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Bing Carb Rebuild
Ordered a full rebuild kit for the carbs today from the Bing Agency in Kansas. I also ordered the Bing factory manual as well. In talking to the  owner on the phone, and he stated that after 25,000 mi...

Started 04/18/07 at 18:41:01 by Bob_Roller
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17 1093 Last Post 04/25/07 at 13:47:42
By: Bob_Roller
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I used POR15 to seal the rust on my R65 fuel tank but neglected to blow air through the petcock hole. Now the hole to the petcock is blocked. Any ideas to get the hole open?

Started 04/22/07 at 07:02:54 by NOT2SMART (Ex Member)
6 391 Last Post 04/25/07 at 03:42:10
By: trolle
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High revs on the right cylinder when idling
This is a severe problem: The right cylinder has just started to develop a bad habit of revving up to 2000 rpm when it should be idling at 900. I cannot find the cause; at first I suspected that the e...

Started 04/12/07 at 11:36:56 by trolle
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23 1329 Last Post 04/23/07 at 12:13:15
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I am contemplating "the bolt guy" s/s nuts and bolt package. but working with stainless/steel in the navy found that it looks good but is not as strong as high carbon steel. has anyone used this stain...

Started 04/21/07 at 18:54:35 by seniorchiefSS (Ex Member)
1 197 Last Post 04/21/07 at 23:24:55
By: Justin B.
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Gear shift linkage
On my '83 R65, the exquisitely designed fastener that connects the two parts of the gear change mechanism decided to pop off.  Has anyone else solved this problem.  I didn't realize I was so heavy foo...

Started 04/18/07 at 10:30:34 by stbrown (Ex Member)
12 1000 Last Post 04/21/07 at 01:39:52
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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transmission woes
I notice that my 83 R65 seems to have a hard time getting into first gear when the machine is cold.  I hit the shifter down and it won’t engage, I have to roll the bike forward in order for it to shif...

Started 04/19/07 at 23:46:02 by berub9a2 (Ex Member)
5 432 Last Post 04/20/07 at 21:45:33
By: Justin B.
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Fairing removal
Hi, Can anyone point me in the right direction: I’m attempting to remove the ‘fairing’ from my 1984 r65ls. I have stopped at trouble with removing the turn signals.
Thanks in advance

Started 04/19/07 at 23:47:05 by mkocal (Ex Member)
6 525 Last Post 04/20/07 at 16:54:35
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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My reflector on the left fork fell off. I had used a hot glue gun to stick it back on, but the glue strikes me as being a bit brittle for the job when its cooled down. Any ideas??

Started 04/20/07 at 12:25:55 by BooG
2 261 Last Post 04/20/07 at 16:25:30
By: nhmaf
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RT fairings
I've just picked up Bimbo2 in Shorpshire and ridden her back to Cumbria about 160m. She's got a whacking great RT fairing on which won't be there for much longer. Anyway I'm curious to know if anyone ...

Started 04/15/07 at 21:12:30 by thrang (Ex Member)
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17 1174 Last Post 04/20/07 at 16:21:04
By: nhmaf
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Use of Bicycle Computers?
While a bicycle computer can be a PIA to set up correctly, I think it is a very viable alternative to the stock unit.  Not as much fun as a GPSr (IMHO), but a lot cheaper ($20), and you don't have ...

Started 03/26/07 at 07:31:02 by NC Steve
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16 1141 Last Post 04/19/07 at 17:44:39
By: NC Steve
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Ferodo Brake Shoe Question....
Just bought some new Ferodo shoes for my '83, non LS. They are PN 701.
Will they work? Since perhaps rashly spending money, I have reason to believe that these will only fit the LS. Anyone have a...

Started 04/18/07 at 14:04:05 by jhebass01 (Ex Member)
0 152 Last Post 04/18/07 at 14:04:05
By: jhebass01 - Ex Member
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tach question
Help Please! Smiley
 New owner of 1982 r65ls the tach needle bounces, all of the "idiot lights" oil...gen..neutral...etc work but the rpm's don't...any recommendations, or answers would be greatly a...

Started 04/17/07 at 21:42:38 by fishntxflats (Ex Member)
4 376 Last Post 04/18/07 at 07:17:46
By: Justin B.
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What Grade of Gas Do You Use?
Has anyone experimented with a higher octane gas in their R65? I usually use 87 and I'm wondering if upgrading would give any benefit?

Started 04/14/07 at 08:35:41 by mightywind (Ex Member)
14 1201 Last Post 04/16/07 at 21:49:20
By: Justin B.
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Rattling Headlight
Has anyone else been into their headlights lately?
I replaced my on again/off again stock bulb last weekend with a new PIAA and took the bike out for a ride Sunday, whereupon I kept noticing a r...

Started 04/10/07 at 23:14:35 by NC Steve
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19 1359 Last Post 04/16/07 at 19:52:30
By: Clutch - Ex Member
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LS diff ratio
can someone tell me the ratio on an LS please.

Started 04/16/07 at 13:08:10 by its only me (Ex Member)
2 330 Last Post 04/16/07 at 16:57:54
By: nhmaf
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That squeal!  My ears!  My ears!!
Well, since I swapped out the rotor and pads on Britta, she stops sure and quick like she hasn't since I've owned her.  I've also noticed a squeal when I apply the front brake that is getting louder a...

Started 04/14/07 at 14:47:49 by SCJJR65
5 446 Last Post 04/15/07 at 11:49:17
By: MrRiden
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portable exhaust nut wrench ?
Rob, (or anyone else ?)
I think that in a past thread you mentioned that you had one of Ed Korn's
tools for packing along on the bike - would you happen to have a photo
of one ?    I've...

Started 04/12/07 at 22:30:17 by nhmaf
9 705 Last Post 04/15/07 at 08:24:32
By: Justin B.
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Steering head adjustment
I am pretty sure Melena went through this not too long ago.  Do we have any access to the old tech history from Lots of great advice on there.
Anyway..LRB's steering is heavy and he rol...

Started 04/02/07 at 12:30:24 by suecanada
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33 2539 Last Post 04/13/07 at 09:14:05
By: thrang - Ex Member
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valve lash adjustment???
Hi Guys,I went with my brother inlaw today and we picked up a pretty nice 1980 r65. The bike has 38,000 on it and is in overall nice shape. The one thing I did notice is a fairly loud ticking noise. I...

Started 04/07/07 at 21:43:05 by Jap rider Jim (Ex Member)
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19 1271 Last Post 04/13/07 at 00:28:35
By: Jap rider Jim - Ex Member
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