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Product Review - Berryman's Chem-Dip
I have been fighting with the carbs that were included with the '82 LS I picked up last  summer.  When I bought it both carbs were completely disassembled, and for the most part had been cleaned prett...

Started 04/06/07 at 22:19:50 by Justin B.
3 1180 Last Post 04/07/07 at 22:50:55
By: Justin B.
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front suspension work
I'm getting ready to replace the front suspension springs and fork oil seals.  I was going to do this tomorrow, but after looking through the procedure in my Clymer's I notice that there are a few oth...

Started 03/31/07 at 12:52:23 by Clutch (Ex Member)
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17 1336 Last Post 04/07/07 at 20:28:53
By: Justin B.
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Mounting front tire woes...
I am trying to mount a new tire on the front of my LS. It seems I am not getting the bead set, as the tire is "crooked" when I spin it on the balancer. I have only changed a few tires before, but neve...

Started 04/04/07 at 08:00:35 by Ringo (Ex Member)
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21 1362 Last Post 04/07/07 at 18:18:34
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Roundel replacement
Ok, don't know exactly how technical this is, but does anyone have a "correct" way to replace the roundel on an R65 seat cowl?
I just pried up the old one without scratching the surrounding pain...

Started 04/06/07 at 14:06:33 by NC Steve
3 418 Last Post 04/06/07 at 21:37:36
By: Justin B.
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Just ran across this, 190098057656, on ebay, seems to be a Full fairing for the R65. I hadn't known this company existed, yet lo and behold they have one mounted on an LS, with the overall appearance ...

Started 03/30/07 at 13:17:23 by Mumford (Ex Member)
11 781 Last Post 04/06/07 at 10:35:25
By: Mumford - Ex Member
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Evening all.
Good to be back on my bike after 6 weeks away.
I was in Vegas and PV Mexico then work sent me to the UAE.....anyway
I have had fun bump starting my r65LS (it will need a no...

Started 04/05/07 at 05:47:22 by milkman (Ex Member)
1 196 Last Post 04/05/07 at 22:47:06
By: MrRiden
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Wheel Bearing Seals
I've got a spare front snowflake rim, and I'm going to remove the bearings and learn how to shim them , my first question is : what is the best way to remove the grease seal from the rim ? It looks li...

Started 04/05/07 at 15:56:30 by Bob_Roller
4 433 Last Post 04/05/07 at 22:35:06
By: MrRiden
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Carb problem causes leaking gas?
New to this board, thinking of picking up an R65. Here's a nice one for sale in my area:
My question is, does this explanation make sense: <br...

Started 03/29/07 at 08:54:36 by MarkAZ (Ex Member)
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21 1707 Last Post 04/05/07 at 20:52:31
By: donbmw
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seat differences
what are the seat differences from our r65 to a r80 in the 70's models? i know they are the same in later years when went with the mono shockers. i am asking because i found a cafe rear cowl the fits ...

Started 04/05/07 at 12:02:19 by Jon P (Ex Member)
1 222 Last Post 04/05/07 at 17:30:50
By: Justin B.
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tire mounting
I didn't want to gunk up ringo's message thread with something a little off of his topic, but I hit on a topic that I had thought about asking before.
Is there much selection of tubed tires out t...

Started 04/04/07 at 18:58:44 by Clutch (Ex Member)
1 203 Last Post 04/05/07 at 09:59:12
By: Justin B.
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rear fender
trying to find a rear fender that fits r65 but I can bob and mount led lights on. but haven,t found any easily. anybody swapped out the rear fender before?

Started 04/02/07 at 10:32:47 by seniorchiefSS (Ex Member)
5 493 Last Post 04/04/07 at 17:17:52
By: Jon P - Ex Member
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Traffic signal triggering magnets
Thanks to Sue's link to K&J Magnetics for rare earth magnets here in the U.S., I am going to order some for my frame rails.
Here are the ones I am considering:
2" x 1/4" x 1/8" thick
2" x 1/2" x 1/8" thick<br ...

Started 04/01/07 at 07:08:42 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
7 591 Last Post 04/02/07 at 02:27:46
By: airhead - Ex Member
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Clutch Question
Well It is time for the annual spring tuneup, and I figured it was time to check the clutch for wear. After pulling the rear swingarm, and gear box, I pulled the friction plate, and put the calipers t...

Started 03/31/07 at 13:34:29 by vontresc (Ex Member)
1 220 Last Post 03/31/07 at 14:06:37
By: Bob_Roller
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Brembo or ATE?
Do R65's only come with the BREMBO caliper? Trying to buy a rebuild kit.  Thanks.
82' r65 (not LS)

Started 03/29/07 at 23:40:46 by rob650
6 686 Last Post 03/30/07 at 15:56:36
By: Justin B.
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R65LS, Rear Brake Question...
So why exactly does the 65LS have different rear brake shoes than other R65's?
and does this mean you can't use another type of hub (as in spoked wheels)

Started 03/27/07 at 16:32:33 by its only me (Ex Member)
1 255 Last Post 03/27/07 at 16:39:11
By: Bob_Roller
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high revs when wet
hello all,
I've noticed that when I don't have my bike (1981) covered and it rains, that the next time I ride, the engine idles high (~3200 rpms)... kind of like it would if I had my choke on.  T...

Started 03/26/07 at 17:53:27 by Clutch (Ex Member)
3 342 Last Post 03/27/07 at 09:36:26
By: Clutch - Ex Member
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Best place (price-wise) to order rotor and pads?
OK, since I rarely order parts online, I'm clueless.... Undecided
Where would be the best place to get a rotor and brake pads for Britta?  I've got to bite the bullet and get a new rotor on her, and wa...

Started 03/24/07 at 07:01:29 by SCJJR65
11 987 Last Post 03/26/07 at 13:35:03
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Supplemental Lighting
I'm wondering if anyone has any input on adding some extra lighting to my LS. I recently put in a PIAA 'Super White' bulb, which is an improvement, but I'd still like a bit more light out there, espec...

Started 03/05/07 at 18:36:55 by Mumford (Ex Member)
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16 1198 Last Post 03/25/07 at 23:03:36
By: Bob_Roller
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bag mounts
i am looking at a bag mount system that isnt oem. looking at the bmw oem mounts it looks like there are three points to where the mount or secured. it looks like the oem mount to a spot rear the rear ...

Started 03/22/07 at 11:45:08 by Jon P (Ex Member)
7 583 Last Post 03/25/07 at 22:37:43
By: Semper Gumby
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Re boring an R65
When you re bore an R65..take it to the first bore.....what does that take the engine size to? Does that really translate into more horse power?  Not that my bike will need it anytime soon, just curio...

Started 03/25/07 at 14:46:35 by scottyintex (Ex Member)
1 239 Last Post 03/25/07 at 17:27:22
By: airhead - Ex Member
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