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Officially a Historical Vehicle
Last week I handed in the registration plate for the 1985 R65 and at a saving of several hundred $'s a year in registration and compulsory insurance costs I was issued with a historical vehicle plate ...

Started 07/15/18 at 19:05:27 by Kookaburra
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17 465 Last Post 08/11/18 at 04:05:39
By: tunnelrider
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R65LS advertisement and magazine road tests
Here is rare magazine advertisement for the R65LS from Bike Australia Apr 1982. Notice the black battery side covers on the red AND silver model. None of the silver magazine road test bikes appear to ...

Started 07/14/18 at 23:21:54 by milominderbinder
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11 406 Last Post 08/06/18 at 14:40:11
By: suecanada
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Of some historical interest....
Fun read.† At a significant point in this little slice of history these cars were powered by twin airheads in the same family tree as our own.† 600 to 650 cc.†
Read on...

Started 07/22/18 at 12:35:26 by svejkovat
2 107 Last Post 07/23/18 at 09:28:19
By: R65Guy
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R65LS Fairing
While looking for something else I came across this fairing on Gustaffson Plastics website.
I no longer have the BMW wedge fairing on my ...

Started 05/29/16 at 15:55:55 by marcmax
2 250 Last Post 07/15/18 at 03:03:04
By: milominderbinder
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Another Hazard Getting To Work Now .
Just started a major construction project at wotk, that involves clearing the employee parking lot for construction for about a year .
I work at Phoenix Skyharbor airport .
I now have to go ...

Started 07/13/18 at 19:30:53 by Bob_Roller
3 104 Last Post 07/13/18 at 21:21:10
By: Bob_Roller
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Question for Bob Roller
I was listening to a radio program today about the rising temperatures around the world today and heard a comment that it has gotten so hot in Phoenix, AZ that there are days that aircraft can't take ...

Started 07/10/18 at 21:23:56 by marcmax
2 114 Last Post 07/11/18 at 17:21:26
By: Bob_Roller
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R65 well travelled
Noticed this well ridden R65 at Fingal, on the border of NSW & Queensland (Australia). It had Tasmanian number plates.
[IMAGE]BMWR65 by jibbonpoint, on Flickr
It would have been good to stick around and have a yarn...

Started 07/09/18 at 19:14:01 by Graeme
1 93 Last Post 07/10/18 at 08:16:00
By: DonC
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r65 starter motor
I have a 1984 R65 and recently had problems re starting
on examination i found that the origional bosch unit had failed cheapest price in the uk was £230 got one from the states for £65 plus pos...

Started 07/01/18 at 15:52:34 by latala1
5 176 Last Post 07/03/18 at 18:32:54
By: Tony Smith
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Where's the old R65 flag?
Been camping in VA for a couple of days with Aida & Graham (Ms. and Mr Buck), Sue Herring (Canada), and me, and we got to talking about the old R65 flag we had back in 2008, and all signed at the R65 ...

Started 05/16/17 at 19:00:50 by NC Steve
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94 6139 Last Post 07/03/18 at 13:46:54
By: R65Guy
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Let's talk Battery Replacement
Did a search here, but did not see a thread on the topic. Is it worthwhile to spend up on a gel type or is something like this perfectly fine?

Started 06/23/18 at 21:41:24 by bonesteel
8 224 Last Post 06/25/18 at 18:38:09
By: skippyc
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9 247 Last Post 06/22/18 at 17:03:51
By: wilcom
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Another New Guy
Hello all, just got my first airhead, a 1981 R65 that has supposedly been converted to R80 spec - whatever that means. Unfortunately Iím not currently collocated with the bike, so I canít look for ser...

Started 04/25/18 at 14:16:25 by Smokymb
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17 671 Last Post 06/20/18 at 06:39:46
By: Smokymb
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New Member - New (old) Bike
Hello All,
After a long search and contemplation I have purchased a 1979 R65. It's had a life in Vermont and in a storage shop in NJ and has about 10K miles on the clock. The last 4 years it's on...

Started 06/10/18 at 21:14:14 by bonesteel
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17 491 Last Post 06/14/18 at 03:06:30
By: Tony Smith
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New here hoping for some help
Just bought a 79 r65, hasnít run in a decade, itís all there, but needs a lot of tlc, hoping I could find a service manual online, anybody know how I could download one?
Aloha from Kauai

Started 05/13/18 at 17:48:29 by Dugan
6 300 Last Post 06/12/18 at 16:08:39
By: goomicoo
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OVM Corvallis 2018
      Sunday was the OVM Corvallis show. Here is video I made of the show. As you can see we got good weather this year.

Started 05/21/18 at 23:11:09 by davidpdx
4 176 Last Post 06/03/18 at 21:05:36
By: orforester
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Sold my R100 last week
    I bought my R100 3 years ago from a friend who was having financial problems, rode it about 5000 miles mostly on trips to northern California and sold it back to him last week. I liked the bike an...

Started 05/09/18 at 13:06:13 by davidpdx
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1 109 Last Post 05/10/18 at 14:35:27
By: orforester
Normal Topic
I have changed from an incandescent shop light to an LED. No more broken bulbs or burnt hands on the reflector are the good things...... however............>
The LED light does not seem to diffus...

Started 05/03/18 at 16:11:57 by wilcom
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3 182 Last Post 05/04/18 at 13:46:45
By: Barry
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Interesting article in "The Airhead"
For those that subscribe there is an interesting article from our own Adrian - part one of a chronicle of his multi-year rebuild/restoration.
There is also an article from Steve Carson, Steve is ...

Started 04/26/18 at 20:54:48 by Tony Smith
1 163 Last Post 04/28/18 at 02:53:36
By: Adrian
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MOT exemption.
My bike had it's last MOT today.† When next year comes around it will be 40 years old and exempt from both the annual MOT and road tax.†
I've been thinking about having it MOT'd anyway for safet...

Started 04/12/18 at 13:48:56 by Barry
7 349 Last Post 04/24/18 at 02:13:20
By: Hardgravity
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