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R65 starting to take shape for summer
I've had the R65 home for a week and it's coming along. Still no surprises and nothing has fallen off. Yeah!!
I've taken note of some good things The Metzler tires have very few miles on them and...

Started 05/27/17 at 21:38:39 by wilcom
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25 1527 Last Post 03/27/18 at 00:43:15
By: Ed Miller
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Arizona Spring Campout 4/6-4/8
Any Southern Ca folks going to the Airheads annual Spring Camp Out near Camp Verde AZ?
I'm going to be leaving SoCal around 3-4 AM on the 6th, head'n to AZ. I could adjust my timing a lil bit  f...

Started 03/26/18 at 22:31:53 by wilcom
0 92 Last Post 03/26/18 at 22:31:53
By: wilcom
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The One Moto Show in Portland
    It seems like The One Show gets more expensive, more crowded and flashier ever year. It is still a fun show to go to but I miss some of the old rat bikes that used to be in it. Riding was definite...

Started 02/10/18 at 21:40:19 by davidpdx
7 393 Last Post 03/20/18 at 00:18:24
By: Ed Miller
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Birthday list fixed
I was looking at the Birthday list and noticed I was not on it, along with many others. Justin performed his magic and fixed a file that had errors since the last upgrade. What a wizard we have for a ...

Started 03/07/18 at 10:49:46 by wilcom
4 269 Last Post 03/09/18 at 14:22:43
By: wilcom
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Forum Problems
Every time I try to upload a photograph the process crashes and I lose the post I was making.
Is it just me, or a more general problem?

Started 02/20/18 at 22:29:25 by Tony Smith
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8 391 Last Post 02/22/18 at 01:39:48
By: Tony Smith
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Dan Gurney R.I.P
I used to watch Dan at the Riverside Raceway in California USA. His signature fluid driving style was evident. Setting in the car at speed , he looked as ...

Started 02/14/18 at 09:41:11 by wilcom
3 212 Last Post 02/14/18 at 17:42:53
By: Tony Smith
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Recommended Service shop in Dallas for my R65
Hello, I searched the forums for an answer first but didn't fine one.  I'm looking for an independent shop to service my 81 R65 in the Dallas area.
Any input appreciated.

Started 01/29/18 at 12:48:09 by JPGDallas
2 194 Last Post 01/29/18 at 22:43:40
By: Justin B.
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All packed and ready to go.
Just finished the trial pack on the GSA, then took everything off ready to go round to the service station and fuel up.

I'm heading to Brisbane at 4:30am tomorrow morning, my initial goal ...

Started 12/20/17 at 02:31:24 by Tony Smith
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17 955 Last Post 01/23/18 at 21:58:35
By: davidpdx
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Mobil 1 $4 bucks a qt.
I ordered a 5 quart jug of Mobil 1 5/30 full synthetic for the car from Amazon and it was $21 taxed and delivered to my door...... seemed like a wise buy when the best I could do at Autozone was $4 a ...

Started 11/28/17 at 14:17:57 by wilcom
2 246 Last Post 11/28/17 at 18:38:22
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I wonder what's happened to Monte.
He was clearly irritated with the logging in issues back in November and there was that last "comment" about spending quality time on another forum with no log...

Started 01/18/17 at 14:54:32 by Barry
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19 1117 Last Post 11/24/17 at 13:27:10
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Time to ride
Man, I love this time of year. Took a ride this morning. High 50*F when I left, low 70*F when I got back. Rode over to the coastal barrier islands and worked my way down the coast hopping from island ...

Started 11/19/17 at 12:19:16 by marcmax
2 170 Last Post 11/19/17 at 15:36:06
By: wilcom
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What was this person thinking!!
Sorry if this person is a member but this is just horrible in every way.

Started 11/10/17 at 22:37:47 by dav
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10 491 Last Post 11/18/17 at 00:15:14
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Ride to Astoria
I took a ride to Astoria earlier this month. It started out kind of wet but dried out as we got closer to the coast.

Started 11/02/17 at 23:19:51 by davidpdx
5 292 Last Post 11/13/17 at 00:06:45
By: davidpdx
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Everybody in the path of Nate be safe
I hope our Brothers and Sisters in SE LA, MS, and AL are all above flood level.  The insurance companies are taking a whuppin' this year and unfortunately they WILL get even with us!

Started 10/07/17 at 22:12:27 by Justin B.
0 125 Last Post 10/07/17 at 22:12:27
By: Justin B.
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Somewhere in northern NJ
Somewhere in northern NJ... my local stomping grounds.
Great roads!

Started 08/28/17 at 10:27:46 by DonC
3 387 Last Post 09/23/17 at 20:55:47
By: msbuck
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How much is the LS worth
    Just sitting inside for the first time all summer as it has started to rain. Looking at Portland's Craigslist and saw a nice 82 R65 for sale $2800. A little farther down an 82 R65 LS $4900. Both l...

Started 09/20/17 at 18:26:16 by davidpdx
4 383 Last Post 09/23/17 at 17:53:25
By: Bob_Roller
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steib sidecar
Does anyone have a Steib sidecar?
I picked up a nik-nak at a garage sale a couple of months ago. It's really cool even though it's not true to any year model of BMW.
If it was representativ...

Started 08/11/17 at 09:43:46 by wilcom
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16 874 Last Post 09/01/17 at 13:35:47
By: marcmax
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Can't post a video here?
Hi all you good brothers and sisters,
Rapt to report my winter of repairs and maintenance came to an end today and got Brudswila fired up and it happily coincided with the local bike night in tow...

Started 08/24/17 at 06:26:46 by tunnelrider
3 264 Last Post 08/24/17 at 11:15:40
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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R65 suggestions for new buyer
Hello all, I'm new here and to airheads. I'm going to look at an R65 that's for sale and I'm looking for advice on things that I should check, kinda like newbie advice.

Started 07/24/17 at 23:46:55 by madcharlie
6 621 Last Post 07/27/17 at 00:33:23
By: madcharlie
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Independence Day Holiday Weekend
Well it's already the July 4 th  holiday, half the year is over already .
Anyone have any plans for what is for some people, a 4 day weekend, with the holiday falling on a Tuesday .
It's a b...

Started 06/30/17 at 17:26:13 by Bob_Roller
13 557 Last Post 07/23/17 at 13:24:41
By: Bob_Roller
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