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New User
Hello from N. Michigan.  I recently purchased a 1981 R65 for a winter project.  The motorcycle starts and runs good, but needs a lot of maintenance and TLC.  I'm in the process of getting to know the ...

Started 08/12/17 at 20:32:41 by jepeck
4 127 Last Post 08/13/17 at 10:26:54
By: Lordcargo
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Intermittent Forum Disruptions
The data center that our servers are located in have been under major DDoS attacks for the past couple of days.  The trouble-ticket indicated that most of them have been resolved but there are ongoing...

Started 08/06/17 at 11:55:04 by Justin B.
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15 274 Last Post 08/10/17 at 22:06:44
By: Justin B.
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Hello new user
Hi all from Australia
Bought my very first back 2 days ago,
i don't know much about mechanics
and looking forward to learning.

Started 07/22/17 at 08:03:20 by tommie005
4 124 Last Post 07/23/17 at 18:33:17
By: skippyc
Normal Topic
Hey Folks - Repair of my old threads
Please post a link in this thread to any posts of mine with missing images.  I will see what I can do about fixing them.
Thank you!

Started 07/23/17 at 14:59:58 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
0 64 Last Post 07/23/17 at 14:59:58
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
Normal Topic
Hello, new in this place..
Hello, I am Henk and I live in the Netherlands.
I have a R65 from 1986, bought it 1 year ago in a terrible state and took it all apart to make a scrambler of it..
Now the bike is cleaned and...

Started 07/20/17 at 12:50:30 by Henk7777
2 95 Last Post 07/21/17 at 10:34:54
Normal Topic
Hey, new guy here. I'm Canadian, sorry about that.
Hey guys, I dunno how this works here.... Life long car guy (BMW dealer) and almost life long bike guy. I'm better at crashing than not crashing and there doesn't appear to be a cure for that. Recentl...

Started 06/05/17 at 21:22:17 by Scatt
9 369 Last Post 06/14/17 at 07:54:01
By: Semper Gumby
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Old Member Hello
Hi Guys and Gals,
Sorry I've been off cavorting with the Britbikers on  Still have the R65.  It's in the company parking lot as I type and I needs to go rescue it.  It has post 81 r...

Started 05/30/17 at 19:00:33 by Semper Gumby
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15 341 Last Post 06/14/17 at 07:49:00
By: Semper Gumby
Normal Topic
Reading on Airheads FB page that Oak has passed away.  Is this true???   Cry

Started 04/05/17 at 15:40:30 by DeeG
3 137 Last Post 06/05/17 at 16:55:23
By: Semper Gumby
Normal Topic
New Member Hello
Hi Folks,
I'm a new member here, just joined today. I have a '79 R65. I'm getting around to making updates to it, like rebuilding the carbs, having the speedo/odo fixed and updating the brake lin...

Started 03/27/17 at 14:29:04 by mikefmoto
5 176 Last Post 05/28/17 at 20:23:37
By: Tony Smith
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Just paid for new host
I just signed up with a new host and will try to get the forum moved as soon as I am able.  If anybody want's to help out with this hit the donate button.  I'm not going to beg but it would be nice if...

Started 04/28/17 at 19:24:21 by Justin B.
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18 435 Last Post 05/10/17 at 22:50:24
By: Mrclubike
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Missing recent posts
I must apologize for assuming a program would work properly.  Any new posts over the past couple of days are most likely gone.  I had found the "new" installation was missing several thousand files so...

Started 05/02/17 at 09:33:17 by Justin B.
3 84 Last Post 05/02/17 at 16:35:44
By: Justin B.
Normal Topic
E-Mail Notification Now Seems to Work
On the previous host the e-mail notification seemd to work spotty at best  and I rarely, if ever, got an e-mail letting me know of new PMs.  I readjusted some of the forum e-mail engine settings to wo...

Started 05/02/17 at 12:45:03 by Justin B.
0 43 Last Post 05/02/17 at 12:45:03
By: Justin B.
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What's going on with the site??
I am not getting signed in under other users but there is no turning off the new post alert no matter how many times you read them????

Started 04/26/17 at 00:02:41 by wilcom
12 299 Last Post 04/28/17 at 10:33:31
By: Justin B.
Normal Topic
Forum problems
I have ran up against a wall trying to get the forum back to normal.  YaBB Support is adamant it is a host, or other external issue, and I tend to agree, since this forum has run without error for yea...

Started 04/26/17 at 20:02:51 by Justin B.
0 49 Last Post 04/26/17 at 20:02:51
By: Justin B.
Normal Topic
This is wilcom NOT Motu
I just pulled up the site and it looked a lil weired and noticed in the top left I was signed in as if I was Motu,,,, it said "Good Evening Motu"
Since I started typing it switched back to Wilcom...

Started 04/24/17 at 21:24:23 by wilcom
6 137 Last Post 04/25/17 at 17:30:35
By: skippyc
Normal Topic
Site is goping crazy...
I 'm signed as Wilcom now, but I looked a few seconds ago0 and i was signed in as Bill Parker,,,, and b4 that It said I was signed in as Motu...........
Way weired

Started 04/24/17 at 21:30:06 by wilcom
4 107 Last Post 04/25/17 at 01:52:13
By: Chris S
Normal Topic
Perry Bushong Has Passed Away
FYI - I was informed that Perry died this past Saturday.  I know he was well known by a lot of BMW people and several people on this board.
I've heard there will be a memorial here in Ft Worth at...

Started 03/07/17 at 14:39:12 by BPT
5 175 Last Post 04/05/17 at 23:22:03
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We have lost John Surtees
A hero of mine growing up has moved on to the paddock.........
In the 50's I read anything I could about motorsports and John Surtees was on many many of those pages

Started 03/11/17 at 12:30:50 by wilcom
12 301 Last Post 04/03/17 at 21:40:32
By: marcmax
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Upgraded Forum
Hi Folks,
Not sure if its me or my computer, but I am really struggling to add images in the correct format to the forum.
My I.T savvy kids tell me the forum format should be placed in a mus...

Started 12/02/16 at 07:26:37 by Chris S
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65 2070 Last Post 03/31/17 at 22:53:06
By: Justin B.
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Culling The Herd
I want to ask an opinion of the active members on this site .
I've looked at our present membership ranks and found members that have have joined and have never been back online, or made any post...

Started 10/05/16 at 19:15:58 by Bob_Roller
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43 1476 Last Post 03/12/17 at 19:45:00
By: Bob_Roller
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