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Arc Welders
I was looking at an '84 LS last weekend  the seller was having a garage sale, he lost his job back in March, and his life was pretty much on sale .
I noticed he had a couple of arc welders for sa...

Started 06/10/09 at 10:40:58 by Bob_Roller
7 1050 Last Post 06/15/09 at 16:29:44
By: Lucky_Lou
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No skin on my paint
Besides messing with motorcycles, I do a bit of woodworking. I prefer using oil-based finishes on the woodworking, bikes and cars. Don't chuckle... California is pushing legislature for aqueous-based ...

Started 04/15/09 at 09:56:05 by montmil
12 1250 Last Post 05/11/09 at 01:47:24
By: Landlubber - Ex Member
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Moved: 'More about Batteries'
This Topic has been moved to BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 by Justin B.
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Possible Host Move
I renewed my domain for another few years, and this got me thinking. Due to the number of website and email issues that people, including myself, have run into over the duration of being hosted at ImH...

Started 08/25/08 at 13:23:42 by suraklyn
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40 2978 Last Post 02/15/09 at 22:23:15
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Floor Tiling
Well, after the shower was sorted and the new floor tiles looked so good, she who must be obeyed decided that I was so good at floor tiling, I should also do the hallway!
Now that's a good idea u...

Started 07/22/08 at 14:36:52 by mikethebike (Ex Member)
14 1095 Last Post 01/10/09 at 19:20:05
By: Justin B.
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PB Blaster and family
Hang around garages and shops long enough and you'll hear references to PB Blaster. This stuff is a penetrating lubricant that helps free rusted hardware by way of capillary action. A good product to ...

Started 07/28/08 at 15:44:45 by montmil
2 390 Last Post 07/28/08 at 16:20:40
By: Justin B.
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Shower Pans
I'm continuing my search here...
I'm rebuilding the shower stall in my master bathroom, and I want to pull up the shower pan for various reasons.  However, my shower pan isn't screwed into the st...

Started 06/11/08 at 20:01:55 by suraklyn
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22 1840 Last Post 07/07/08 at 13:34:29
By: mikethebike - Ex Member
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OpenDNS server
Possible to speed up your Internet browsing using this as an alternate server.
I tried it, speeds significantly increased both up/download.
Full details found here: http://www.opendns.com/
HTH<br /...

Started 01/01/08 at 09:32:21 by tagordon (Ex Member)
2 392 Last Post 01/25/08 at 19:48:48
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Not being one to leave well enough alone, I would like to purchase some thin copper head gaskets to raise my compression. Anyone know where I can get these......Dew.

Started 10/29/07 at 17:13:59 by dewjantim (Ex Member)
4 551 Last Post 11/04/07 at 10:40:39
By: dewjantim - Ex Member
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any interest in a bike lift table?
i am think about building a bike lift table. yes you can go buy one at harbor freight on sale or if your like me who has a welder and more time than money. i like to build stuff, and most of time i ca...

Started 01/09/07 at 10:53:16 by Jon P (Ex Member)
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22 2327 Last Post 10/16/07 at 19:33:23
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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any phil read fans?
the man is one of my all time hero's. my local shop owner knows how i feel about him.
anyone guess what the shop owner got in to sell me that is like phil read used to wear?
i know he didnt...

Started 04/29/07 at 19:03:21 by Jon P (Ex Member)
13 1219 Last Post 08/26/07 at 02:28:24
By: Dick Stilton - Ex Member
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Traffic Light Sensors
This link was just posted on Boxerworks.  I thought I would pass it along:

Started 07/06/07 at 17:48:59 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
1 374 Last Post 07/06/07 at 19:55:31
By: Bob_Roller
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New toy...
Yesterday I conned the kid into going to Harbor Freight with me, well, don't really have to con too much on that!  Wink  BUT, while we were there I bought a fairly stout mill/drill machine and told him ...

Started 04/22/07 at 23:55:41 by Justin B.
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27 2295 Last Post 07/04/07 at 18:47:41
By: Justin B.
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Disk Space Usage
I thought it would be good to point out...
My account currently has a 350MB (yes, that's MB) disk space cap on it.  My usage is currently at about 348MB.  Luckily, the cap is SUPPOSED to be 550GB...

Started 06/08/07 at 16:52:35 by suraklyn
5 590 Last Post 06/11/07 at 13:24:46
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Interesting mod II
Justin, Did you get your Mill up yet?

Started 05/05/07 at 10:52:16 by MrRiden
1 369 Last Post 05/05/07 at 12:17:32
By: Justin B.
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more metal working tools
i was in at my local harbor frieght today. walking around looking for the big deal on step drills. three drills for $9.99 cool. i turn the corner and start to walk down the big item display isle. they...

Started 05/01/07 at 22:37:40 by Jon P (Ex Member)
1 363 Last Post 05/01/07 at 22:42:13
By: Justin B.
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Interesting mod
If you ever do get that mill I have a project. A fellow over on the Airheads list had his valve covers modified and installed a 6m helicoil in the head and counterbored the covers 11mm to...

Started 04/17/07 at 11:48:15 by MrRiden
3 500 Last Post 04/29/07 at 22:07:03
By: MrRiden
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So I noticed at least one person in here who mentioned turning wood, so I thought I'd throw this out there...
I recently purchased a wood lathe from Harbor Freight (#34706), and I've been dabblin...

Started 04/29/07 at 17:00:52 by suraklyn
0 283 Last Post 04/29/07 at 17:00:52
By: suraklyn
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changing rear wheel
I'm thinking about having another go at modding a rear mudguard. Has anyone tried fitting a sprung hinge? My last version involved having it detach just infont of the rear light mount. I attached it u...

Started 04/18/07 at 19:30:38 by thrang (Ex Member)
9 995 Last Post 04/27/07 at 08:05:37
By: Semper Gumby
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Milling machine is fun!
Class this week started us on the vertical mill!!!  Grin  Man, I gotta get me one of them things

Started 04/05/07 at 20:55:40 by Justin B.
3 528 Last Post 04/06/07 at 21:34:03
By: MrRiden
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