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Torque wrench
I have been wanting a torque wrench for some time now, and now I need it enough to where I can justify spending the money.
I'm going with a 10-50nm to accommodate most common tasks.
I like g...

Started 09/29/18 at 13:33:35 by Soeren
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Installing digi tach/speedo..pulse generator?
I'm attempting to install this digital tach/spedometer and I've been instructed to attach the tach wire to the "pulse generator"?  Anyone know where the pulse generator is on this bike, and where is i...

Started 09/29/18 at 11:54:42 by RG68RG
6 471 Last Post 10/01/18 at 15:07:36
By: Tony Smith
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Taller bars?
what I have discovered on a longish ride today is that i'm leaning over on my arms the entire time. Has anyone put taller 22mm bars on theirs without changing cables?

Started 09/13/18 at 21:25:14 by RG68RG
9 539 Last Post 09/29/18 at 17:40:58
By: RG68RG
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Can someone clear up the Rich/Lean Idle mixture ?s
First.. I'm still running pretty rich. I checked floats and both seem positioned correctly and the shut off works.. The original idle mixture screw is set at 3 turns out from seated. Plugs are both bl...

Started 09/20/18 at 14:42:59 by RG68RG
2 224 Last Post 09/20/18 at 17:40:03
By: RG68RG
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K100 Front end rebuild
Here goes nothing, third attempt at posting this, I think that problem was my overly large photos.
Anyway, as some here will recall I bought what was sold to me as a K100RS front end to upgrade t...

Started 02/22/18 at 01:23:30 by Tony Smith
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By: Tony Smith
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Source of odometer spare parts.
The usual failure mode of motometer odometers is the gear cluster, these parts have been NLA for a very, very long time.
The last time the odometer failed on the wife's R65 I made a new gear by p...

Started 06/07/18 at 16:20:55 by Tony Smith
2 292 Last Post 06/08/18 at 23:08:57
By: Adrian
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Heated gloves/jacket controller died
I have a Tour Master heated jacket liner and Gerbing heated gloves I have used them occasionally but don't need them too much here in Southern Ca. This week end I took a cold ride and when I really ne...

Started 01/22/18 at 21:05:00 by wilcom
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17 1614 Last Post 01/28/18 at 09:11:09
By: wilcom
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For those that still believe the K&N Filters myth
Bluntly they are crap. That my 1150GSA was fitted with one when I test rode it nearly resulted in me passing on it until I discovered it had...

Started 11/23/17 at 04:03:05 by Tony Smith
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16 1794 Last Post 01/02/18 at 19:05:11
By: Tony Smith
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Painting Plastic
I've talked to an auto body/painter I know and he told me there's nothing you can't paint, it just depends on how much time, effort, and, of course, money you want to spend on it.
I have a plasti...

Started 11/29/17 at 20:05:17 by BPT
11 997 Last Post 12/30/17 at 16:24:34
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BMW R65/80 workshop manual wanted.
Hi, not sure if this is the correct location for this post but does anyone know where I can get a BMW-workshop manual or if itís even possible to download a copy? I have a Haynes manual but believe it...

Started 11/11/17 at 05:10:41 by brennain1
7 1081 Last Post 11/28/17 at 16:30:58
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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IP Address
I've noticed that my IP address changes when I log in, I have not accessed this site from my phone in over a month and do not log in from any other PC .

Started 11/20/17 at 14:24:29 by Bob_Roller
1 297 Last Post 11/22/17 at 17:46:06
By: Justin B.
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Electrical connector source?
Anyone know of a source for this style electrical connector? Its the one that goes from the main harness to the transmission switch.
I'm going to get the transmission switch part of it, but the m...

Started 10/21/17 at 21:47:21 by DeeG
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7 785 Last Post 11/04/17 at 10:29:31
By: DeeG
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screen refresh
Back in† the day when everything was "normal",† when I would click the REFRESH button it would refresh what ever page I was on. THEN..........after the hosting change I noticed that when I hit refresh...

Started 10/27/17 at 06:03:28 by wilcom
6 630 Last Post 10/31/17 at 10:46:51
By: Bob_Roller
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Adobe Flash Player Disabled
I went to one of my usual sites today and got a message to download Flash Player .
Went to the settings section for my computer and it shows that Flash Player is on .
When I go to the Adobe ...

Started 07/23/17 at 18:17:51 by Bob_Roller
6 1147 Last Post 07/26/17 at 21:48:24
By: marcmax
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Garage / Concrete Floor Treatment
Wanted to reach out to any of you that have any first hand experience with coating concrete garage floors.  I'm in the final stages of a new garage/shop construction with fresh concrete floor. The gar...

Started 07/01/17 at 17:45:51 by Mike V
13 1565 Last Post 07/09/17 at 23:17:37
By: Mike V
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Newest project
Even though I have the repaint/rebuild of the '81 R100RT only about half way done I still felt I should start another project lest I get bored.
I have been using the '57 Chevy Rat-Rod as my daily...

Started 05/19/17 at 20:45:30 by Justin B.
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19 1968 Last Post 06/04/17 at 19:31:24
By: Justin B.
Moved Topic
Moved: 'Cable protection covers'
This Topic has been moved to BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 by Justin B.
Moved Topic
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need a source of electrical connectors.
Can anyone tell me what these are called please? Ideally I'd like to buy some that have a "guard" that can be fitted when not connected. i9f you have a source, please let me know.

Started 04/08/17 at 23:59:18 by Tony Smith
13 1198 Last Post 05/05/17 at 08:59:41
By: marcmax
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High idle
It's starting to warm up here on the 3rd coast and that's making it easier to start the old girl.
On the other hand, after a "spirited" 30 mile ride yesterday, coming to a stop light the idle se...

Started 04/24/17 at 08:36:22 by Billmc
5 525 Last Post 04/26/17 at 12:57:08
By: Lordcargo
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