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Moved: 'master cylinder ?'
This Topic has been moved to BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 by Justin B.
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Moved: 'oil leak at the rear brake'
This Topic has been moved to BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 by Bob_Roller
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TwinMax carb sync tool
Anyone  have or have used a TwinMax and have any comments on it? The reason I am asking is I found one at a yard sale still unopened in the original packaging. Paid $40 for it. The guy said he bought ...

Started 11/06/16 at 12:27:23 by marcmax
4 269 Last Post 11/09/16 at 16:41:20
By: Tony Smith
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home made Timing light
Hello !
Some time ago we discussed timing lights for our beloved engines.
I own one (see http://www.aliexpress.com/item/DIGITAL-DISPLAY-GOOD-QUALITY-PROFESSIONAL-TIMING-....

Started 07/09/16 at 12:52:06 by georgesgiralt
3 270 Last Post 07/10/16 at 06:12:04
By: Tony Smith
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New Garage / Shop Construction "Advice"
I'm getting ready to break ground on a new garage and shop at my house within the next couple of months.  I've been planning this thing for over 15 years dodging and prioritizing between 2nd...

Started 06/02/16 at 14:21:31 by Mike V
11 480 Last Post 07/06/16 at 15:57:31
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brake swap ?
Hi guys, I've got problems with the brakes (double disc on R65LS) and want to change to modern brakes. Any ideas of models that do not ask for many modifications on the bike ? Stay double or go to sin...

Started 05/30/16 at 13:04:07 by guyom
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28 966 Last Post 07/04/16 at 17:02:20
By: wilcom
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My cat walked on my Keyboard
As the title states, my kitty jumped up on the desk and made a couple of keystrokes with her paws and now I'm screwed.
I use web based mail from Yahoo, and now after her tap dance on the keys, I...

Started 04/18/16 at 08:18:44 by wilcom
4 210 Last Post 06/01/16 at 00:43:30
By: georgesgiralt
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Testing a Magneto.
Any one know how I can bench test a Magneto? I replaced the points and plugs on my A7's and I'm still getting a very weak and crappy spark. So looking for any advice on testing the thing.

Started 04/19/16 at 16:56:38 by Tony Shaw
10 439 Last Post 05/23/16 at 20:11:43
By: Tony Smith
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Head cleaning
I know I've seen info before about cleaning oxidized heads and engine...I would like any suggestions for cleaning. Blasting with baking soda? Aloxide, Glass bead or should I stay away from pressure bl...

Started 05/04/16 at 15:11:00 by vtmando
3 380 Last Post 05/08/16 at 13:10:26
By: vtmando
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starter cover in system epoxy resin
HI Guys, does anyone order something from boxercafe.com ?
They made some nice starter cover and fairing from complete racing fairing to bikini ones...

Started 02/01/16 at 14:06:08 by guyom
12 519 Last Post 03/08/16 at 06:46:25
By: Burt
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Windows 10
Just installed the free edition of Windows 10 on my PC, anyone have any issues with this ???

Started 08/16/15 at 20:55:08 by Bob_Roller
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19 1367 Last Post 02/09/16 at 21:38:34
By: wilcom
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electrex RR45
Hi Guys, i'm a new arrival in the R65 world. I bought a R65 1981, cheap, but not in good shape. When i checked the electrical cord, many are burn and modified from original position. So I changed ever...

Started 01/20/16 at 15:02:07 by guyom
12 602 Last Post 02/01/16 at 14:01:04
By: guyom
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GPS Speedometer
Anyone have any experience with a gps based speedometer? I am considering one for the R65 that I am rebuilding now. I have an Acewell on the R65 I ride now and while I like it, at 2.5" diameter it has...

Started 11/02/15 at 15:50:32 by marcmax
2 501 Last Post 11/02/15 at 19:56:05
By: marcmax
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School me on LED lights
School me on LED lights
On my 79 R65, I plan on replacing all turn signal and tail running/brake lights to LED. Who has done it? How? Pictures?  Thanks

Started 04/01/15 at 14:55:48 by 67siia
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16 1652 Last Post 06/23/15 at 20:02:45
By: Graeme
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Cheap Chinese Oil filters.
I am sure that anyone who frequents eBay has seen the ads by a Chinese seller for "quality" oil filters to suit various airheads.

Usually he has a "buy it now" price that is just high enou...

Started 10/16/14 at 12:21:30 by Tony Smith
7 799 Last Post 04/24/15 at 16:58:06
By: Herr Stig
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GPS / Telemetry
Hi, Im looking to get your opinions on a few different types of uses for GPS data and telemetry.
I have been a rider for a little over a year and in that time i've become obsessed by the idea of...

Started 04/13/15 at 16:16:00 by jamestnewsonr65
2 387 Last Post 04/14/15 at 16:37:30
By: k_enn
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Will my Bike fit in my Ranger?
Quick Question,
I bought a Non Operating R100T a great distance away from my home.
I am debating flying / Uhauling the Motorcycle home.
I could take my 4 cylinder nofril...

Started 03/02/15 at 22:36:10 by goathands
6 980 Last Post 03/15/15 at 17:52:30
By: NC Steve
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Material to put on gravel for bike parking?
Hello forum denizens,
I've got my R65 (Penelope) parked on gravel in my back yard. I'd like suggestions on what sort of material I might put down to make for a better / more stable parking surfac...

Started 09/22/14 at 14:45:09 by qwerty123
7 911 Last Post 12/06/14 at 09:48:37
By: Snakeoil
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System Restore Point.....
I used to fix nagging computer issues by doing a system restore from the maintenance programmes but I recently had my laptop repaired by those good old rip off merchants PC Globe..... (don't want to g...

Started 11/07/14 at 17:16:02 by Lucky_Lou
1 350 Last Post 11/08/14 at 09:34:06
By: Barry
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