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Will my Bike fit in my Ranger?
Quick Question,
I bought a Non Operating R100T a great distance away from my home.
I am debating flying / Uhauling the Motorcycle home.
I could take my 4 cylinder nofril...

Started 03/02/15 at 22:36:10 by goathands
6 1361 Last Post 03/15/15 at 17:52:30
By: NC Steve
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Material to put on gravel for bike parking?
Hello forum denizens,
I've got my R65 (Penelope) parked on gravel in my back yard. I'd like suggestions on what sort of material I might put down to make for a better / more stable parking surfac...

Started 09/22/14 at 14:45:09 by qwerty123
7 1252 Last Post 12/06/14 at 09:48:37
By: Snakeoil - Ex Member
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System Restore Point.....
I used to fix nagging computer issues by doing a system restore from the maintenance programmes but I recently had my laptop repaired by those good old rip off merchants PC Globe..... (don't want to g...

Started 11/07/14 at 17:16:02 by Lucky_Lou
1 473 Last Post 11/08/14 at 09:34:06
By: Barry
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Fitting Brembo 4 spot calipers to R65.
I have acquired left and right 4 spot calipers from a K bike with the intention of fitting one (or possibly both) to the R65.

The bolting pattern is the same as the FO8s but of course the ...

Started 10/15/14 at 20:20:47 by Tony Smith
3 699 Last Post 10/16/14 at 17:10:25
By: John M
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Testing Diode Boards
My experience over the weekend leads me to suggest that diode boards should be tested under load and not with a multimeter.

I have a diode board that tests fine with a meter, but when sub...

Started 10/06/14 at 17:58:23 by Tony Smith
2 509 Last Post 10/06/14 at 23:35:17
By: Tony Smith
Moved Topic
Moved: 'sticky throttle'
This Topic has been moved to BMW Technical Q&A, Primarily R65 by Bob_Roller
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Beef question for Texans
I have been working in Texas for the last month. Drove there and am flying out to other locations as needed.
When I motel it,  I have a lil BBQ with me so I can grill a steak or a chop for dinne...

Started 09/08/14 at 19:39:10 by wilcom
11 1323 Last Post 09/11/14 at 17:55:22
By: Tony Smith
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Outdoor Gas Grille Won't Light
I've had problems the last few days with my gas grille not wanting to light .
Yesterday, I pulled it all apart and cleaned the burners gas jets, etc....
Still wouldn't work, I removed the ru...

Started 07/01/12 at 11:32:51 by Bob_Roller
8 1649 Last Post 07/06/14 at 09:32:28
By: Bob W
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Gonna take a welding class
There's a "hacker space" the next town over from me: www.makeitlabs.com
They have woodworking, metal working, electronic, and other workshop equipment. You can pay a monthly fee and use all of it...

Started 11/30/13 at 07:59:28 by AlfromNH
8 1420 Last Post 07/05/14 at 12:26:56
By: bjamesw - Ex Member
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Barbecue Rub
Apart from my Beemer, my wife and my dogs, I only have one serious passion - Barbecuing . In my quest for the perfect ribs, brisket, turkey, lamb etc. etc. I have developed a 'universal BBQ rub, and w...

Started 11/24/13 at 20:39:40 by balibeemer (Ex Member)
12 1705 Last Post 06/01/14 at 20:57:37
By: balibeemer - Ex Member
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My keyboard went crazy
my keyboard went h6naywire on my laptop. It\'-= putting5b out extra ch6naracters with6n a sinbg5ble stroke as you can see.

Started 05/04/14 at 17:44:05 by wilcom
5 828 Last Post 05/06/14 at 22:34:19
By: wilcom
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125 years old still going strong.
I bought this machine for £10 handle would not turn, quick strip clean and lube..... jobs a gud un it will not only sow cloth but also soft leather , canvas etc period correct (1887)  and perfect for ...

Started 08/04/12 at 15:02:22 by Lucky_Lou
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16 2878 Last Post 04/28/14 at 07:00:06
By: Chris S
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Picture posting.
I am having a problem posting pics. I have posted in the past and always figured it out with no problem. Now I seem to have na issue associating the pic and the page( [IMG][IMG} that I am dropping it ...

Started 04/22/14 at 09:56:01 by wilcom
5 724 Last Post 04/23/14 at 13:26:11
By: wilcom
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Powdercoating, DIY
The community workshop "hackerspace" I belong to has the means for powdercoating. I took a short class that demonstrated the process, and yesterday took my control perches in. I stripped them with coa...

Started 01/10/14 at 07:46:30 by AlfromNH
8 1120 Last Post 03/15/14 at 11:46:09
By: suecanada
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Honda Moly 60
I bought a tube of Moly 60 for my clutch splines, etc. I've never used the stuff before, but I was expecting a thick, maybe even putty-ish consistency. The stuff seems like normal grease, even thinner...

Started 03/13/14 at 06:55:31 by AlfromNH
3 539 Last Post 03/13/14 at 15:56:39
By: montmil
Normal Topic
Closing Yahoo Account
Don't know if anyone would be interested in this or not, but here goes .
My credit card was used to pay for a membership on a porn site located in the UK, London, back in February of this year .<...

Started 05/18/12 at 11:53:52 by Bob_Roller
7 1475 Last Post 02/08/14 at 19:17:37
By: Justin B.
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Another air-cooled boxer twin
this was in the back corner of my landlord/roommate's garage. †Hasn't been run in 20 years or more.  My twin brother and I (I can't tell which one of us...

Started 06/22/13 at 10:10:42 by Luca
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15 3666 Last Post 12/27/13 at 10:28:23
By: Luca
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Lost audio on my computer
I turned the speakers on today, wanted to listen to a video, no audio, if I pull the plug out of the computer slowly, I can get a 60Hz tone, so I know the speakers are good .
I plugged the speake...

Started 10/28/12 at 11:37:38 by Bob_Roller
12 2031 Last Post 04/22/13 at 07:12:08
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Another Computer Question !!!
Every once in a while, when I hit the space bar/key, I start deleting letters .
What did I do to start this ?
Any idea on how ro correct it ?

Started 02/23/13 at 14:59:17 by Bob_Roller
3 643 Last Post 03/12/13 at 17:44:38
By: chrisr65ls
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Protecting Precision Tools
I'm starting to collect a lot of precision measuring tools.  I always keep my precision tools clean, well secured in their plastic bags and stored in their designed containers but ... I've recently no...

Started 09/03/12 at 11:14:52 by Mike V
11 1651 Last Post 12/11/12 at 11:06:46
By: livingdeadhead - Ex Member
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