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Another Computer Question !!!
Every once in a while, when I hit the space bar/key, I start deleting letters .
What did I do to start this ?
Any idea on how ro correct it ?

Started 02/23/13 at 14:59:17 by Bob_Roller
3 679 Last Post 03/12/13 at 17:44:38
By: chrisr65ls
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Protecting Precision Tools
I'm starting to collect a lot of precision measuring tools.  I always keep my precision tools clean, well secured in their plastic bags and stored in their designed containers but ... I've recently no...

Started 09/03/12 at 11:14:52 by Mike V
11 1739 Last Post 12/11/12 at 11:06:46
By: livingdeadhead - Ex Member
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Simple Carb
Spent some time after the "big" storm helping  neighbors get their gen sets running.  (since I run mine dry with some gas stabiliizer in the last batch I have no trouble)  Some REAL simple carbs on th...

Started 09/06/11 at 09:39:17 by Herr Stig (Ex Member)
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18 3880 Last Post 10/27/12 at 11:15:06
By: bjamesw - Ex Member
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Automatic Logging Off
Yesterday morning when I went to this site, it was in maintenance mode for an upgrade, is my guess .
Ever since, when I go to another site, but don't log off, I am automatically logged out, this ...

Started 08/17/12 at 18:33:52 by Bob_Roller
4 859 Last Post 08/29/12 at 21:39:27
By: donbmw
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cool picture creator
i found a cool website that will take your original photo and remake the picture with other pictures.

Started 08/16/12 at 19:24:47 by jakebass12
0 422 Last Post 08/16/12 at 19:24:47
By: jakebass12
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Calling all computer gurus...web hosting question.
Well, I'm not sure if it's web hosting or not. †I'm a relative newbie at web design and maintenance ~ self taught mostly. †I designed and created a website for MotoMark1. †Mark is going to start doing...

Started 06/18/12 at 11:55:36 by msbuck
4 806 Last Post 07/03/12 at 19:24:47
By: Justin B.
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Teflon powder
Anyone use the stuff? 
My clutch lever was dragging a little bit, and I wasn't sure if you should use regular lube or oil which might get on the clutch cable.  So I lightly dusted the hinge of t...

Started 06/01/12 at 09:51:01 by k_enn
2 558 Last Post 06/01/12 at 12:41:47
By: Herr Stig - Ex Member
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Mercedes Air Conditioner
My bride has a 1999 Mercedes Benz C280 with a very peculiar issue. †A month or so back the a/c just quit working on the way home. †The next time she got in and started the car the a/c worked. †Then it...

Started 08/08/09 at 18:29:58 by Bengt_Phorqs
7 1683 Last Post 04/02/12 at 20:02:04
By: Paper - Ex Member
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Sourdough Bread
Don't know if anyone here would be interested in making sourdough bead or not, but here goes .
I've been intrigued with sourdough bread since the first time I visited San Francisco in June, 1981 ...

Started 01/29/12 at 11:03:41 by Bob_Roller
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18 2858 Last Post 03/13/12 at 22:17:26
By: Melena
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Dishwasher Quit
My 17 year old dishwasher quit yesterday .
I've had problems with it on and off since I've had it .
The pump wouldn't work at times .
The last month the timer knob got quite difficult t...

Started 12/18/11 at 11:51:58 by Bob_Roller
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25 4324 Last Post 03/02/12 at 16:10:24
By: JPSpen - Ex Member
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new message buttons
If I type r65.org in the address bar I get redirected and everything on the page is as it should be, new message/activity buttons are working. I'm using Firefox
However, †if I type bmwr65.org on the sa...

Started 02/27/12 at 14:27:06 by wilcom
1 497 Last Post 02/29/12 at 21:09:03
By: wilcom
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LCD Display Help please
I have a Car wash machine on site which had a LCD display giving program time remaining, the display is about 4cm high 6cm wide sadly its cracked and no doubt will fail soon, the company that made it...

Started 10/31/11 at 16:18:41 by Lucky_Lou
6 1499 Last Post 11/02/11 at 15:43:09
By: Lucky_Lou
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Printer Power Supply
Having problems with my printer, got it down to a faulty power supply .
I rarely use the printer, I replaced the first ink cartridge about a year ago, I've had the printer seven years .
Are ...

Started 10/02/11 at 14:56:43 by Bob_Roller
8 1236 Last Post 10/09/11 at 17:51:19
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Any one running Firefox ?
Having just had a virus sneak through i though i would try the Firefox browser, my only problem with it at the moment is accessing my "Favourites" anyone know how?? or should i go back to Explorer 9 ?...

Started 09/07/11 at 14:56:53 by Lucky_Lou
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15 2342 Last Post 09/18/11 at 21:02:01
By: nhmaf
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Boiler explosions
Itís clear, those who contribute to this forum know all about technical matters, so can I ask anyone expert in old-fashioned industrial engineering to help me out?
For many years Iíve been mystif...

Started 10/25/09 at 16:38:49 by Constellation (Ex Member)
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24 6010 Last Post 09/17/11 at 11:21:24
By: Herr Stig - Ex Member
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Boiler Explosions Re Visited
Just had this job come into my workshop, a catastrophic failure of a boiler coil. Usually they develop a pinhole leak caused by corrosion but this is unusual it looks like the seam has "blown" first t...

Started 08/30/11 at 15:18:42 by Lucky_Lou
1 438 Last Post 09/13/11 at 20:31:48
By: Justin B.
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Fm Radio Reception
I have a question for anyone out there that may have some radio experience.
The FM radio station that I listen to is a low power station about 35 miles away, I get great recption in the cage, but...

Started 01/30/08 at 12:53:37 by Bob_Roller
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35 4916 Last Post 09/02/11 at 14:39:52
By: Bob_Roller
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Anyone here run Linux on their PC?
I'm thinking about a change in my operating system.  I'm getting tired of this virus crap.

Started 09/20/10 at 16:20:04 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
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22 4315 Last Post 08/30/11 at 01:23:54
By: Bret j - Ex Member
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Improvements in "Braking" technology
Or how to get into trouble at a wedding.
When the 1920 Packard turned up to take me and my daughter to the church for her recent wedding i struck up a conversation with the Owner/Driver which inv...

Started 08/24/11 at 01:45:31 by Lucky_Lou
7 1152 Last Post 08/25/11 at 16:06:28
By: Lucky_Lou
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Let the breadboarding begin...
I just received my "care package" containing differential pressure sensors, op-amps, and other such bits of wizardry so I guess I'll drag out the 'scope and start breadboarding a test/prototype circui...

Started 08/15/09 at 13:50:37 by Justin B.
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31 4655 Last Post 08/18/11 at 13:06:06
By: Herr Stig - Ex Member
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