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Global Announcement
STAAB Battery Discount
I have secured a 5% discount for forum members at Staab Battery on the Universal 12 volt 22 amp-hour AGM battery.  So far I have had good luck with them and they are extremely "affordable".  I will re...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:33:49 by Justin B.
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By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
Forum Registration Procedure
I have been forced to turn off user self-registration due to the enormous amount of requests being submitted by spammers, etc.  We welcome any and all valid users but you will need to e-mail a request...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:38:02 by Justin B.
0 3006 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:38:02
By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
Host Move Complete - I PROMISE!!!
I have finally got the forum moved over to a new host and it works, for the most part.  I ran into major issues getting the files transferred as the old host seemed to be unable to provide the type of...

Started 04/30/17 at 00:20:29 by Justin B.
3 2770 Last Post 05/01/17 at 14:21:41
By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
Forum Store
I have been playing with the cafepress site and came up with a few items.  It was much more challenging as they will not allow anything with the BMW logo attached to it.  I had to play with some of th...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:46:11 by Justin B.
0 3122 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:46:11
By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
Logging in/registering/ - NEW USERS MUST READ
Some helpful hints...
1.  You can't send personal messages until you have made one post.  Again, this is an anti-spammer protection mechanism to keep spammers from bombarding the membership with ...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:39:31 by Justin B.
0 2776 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:39:31
By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
Gruber Battery Discount
I have arranged a 5% discount with Gruber Power Services on their products.  I have had good luck with their AGM motorcycle batteries and the price is pretty reasonable.  To receive this dis...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:35:48 by Justin B.
0 2608 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:35:48
By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
R65 Photo Gallery Access
For those of you who desire access to the BMWR65 photo-gallery just PM me with your desired login name and what password you want to use and I will set you up.  If you just ask me to add you I will us...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:31:53 by Justin B.
0 10421 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:31:53
By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
Login issues on new Forum software
A couple of folks have been unable to log in after the upgrade.  The new software now requires that you log in with your "login ID" with no exception.  I think the old software would allow login id, s...

Started 11/07/16 at 08:14:37 by Justin B.
0 6453 Last Post 11/07/16 at 08:14:36
By: Justin B.
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Normal Topic
Bought a new Bike
Well the DRZ 400 and I have parted company. The blunt truth is that I just didn't like it, I could not get comfortable on it so it wasn't getting used for what I bought it for.
Sold it for what I...

Started 09/16/20 at 00:38:26 by Tony Smith
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7 49 Last Post 09/17/20 at 21:32:42
By: Tony Smith
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Sneaky AGM battery sellers
This rant is mainly relevant to Australian members given the supplier I am about to name, but the issue may extend further.
This starts in 2017 when I bought my R1150GSA.
Every year in arou...

Started 08/13/20 at 21:58:40 by Tony Smith
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10 148 Last Post 08/19/20 at 13:45:55
By: Barry
Normal Topic
Gearbox Oil (AOT)
Another Oil Thread Smiley
Synthetic 75W90 works well. Castrol MTX 75W140 work really well!
My shifting technique is getting better: Pre-load lever before changing, move your toe quickly and pos...

Started 04/21/20 at 14:41:56 by dogshome
3 233 Last Post 07/23/20 at 06:34:44
By: Barry
Normal Topic
Tires tubes ?
I currently am running Dunlop d404's front and rear. They came with the bike and currently need replaced. They appear to be tubeless but my manual says the bike needs tubes. Could they be mounted with...

Started 12/09/19 at 10:04:30 by Lordcargo
5 551 Last Post 04/16/20 at 13:16:49
By: wilcom
Normal Topic
Radial Tires
Anyone have any experience with radial tires on an R65 .
Need to replace the tires on my silver LS tires were manufactured 37th week of 2005 .
Tried to contact the local independent BMW shop...

Started 12/04/19 at 15:59:47 by Bob_Roller
9 786 Last Post 03/12/20 at 21:14:31
By: Mrclubike - Ex Member
Normal Topic
Interesting start to work .
Had an interesting start of my work day on Tuesday .
The fire fighting system went off at 0505 foam came on for 5 minutes then the water system kicked in for an additional 30 minutes at 6,000 gal...

Started 02/16/20 at 12:27:27 by Bob_Roller
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1 161 Last Post 02/16/20 at 15:58:25
By: skippyc
Normal Topic
Deltran Battery Tender Junior
Received an advertisement in the mail last week for a national hardware store chain, Tru Value, they have the Battery Tender Junior on sale for $20 .
Don't know if this is nationwide or just loca...

Started 11/24/19 at 14:08:19 by Bob_Roller
5 453 Last Post 12/29/19 at 12:07:28
By: dogshome
Normal Topic
Kristmas Krauser
Santa came early at my sister's house, so I fetched on the bike. Contents of 1of2 panniers Smiley
Merry Christmas everyone!

Started 12/23/19 at 06:44:09 by dogshome
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0 170 Last Post 12/23/19 at 06:44:09
By: dogshome
Normal Topic
Auto parts price variences
Lately I've noticed a large swing in pricing of auto parts.
At 110,000 miles it's past time for a timing belt/water pump on my 2007 Subaru Forester. If I hurry and get it installed it will be th...

Started 08/31/19 at 14:10:43 by wilcom
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6 617 Last Post 11/16/19 at 11:12:39
By: Bob_Roller
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
Well, I'm In Rabies Treatment
I was on the way to work this morning, at 0450, about 4 miles after I got on the expressway, I-10, I felt a slight thump on my left forearm with a slight stinging sensation .
Got to work and when...

Started 09/30/18 at 00:48:27 by Bob_Roller
12 1497 Last Post 11/08/19 at 13:52:59
By: dogshome
Normal Topic
Yearly Vacation Starts
My 6 weeks of vacation started yesterday .
The furnaces in the suburb of hell I call home have gone quiet for 6 more months .
Temps are perfect for riding and doing the yearly mintenance on ...

Started 11/04/19 at 15:25:43 by Bob_Roller
1 225 Last Post 11/04/19 at 16:10:11
By: tiggum
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
Significant Life Event !!
I'll try to make this as sort as possible, no guarantee !!
I got up Saturday morning feeling lousy, felt like a cross between the flu and a hangover, didn't have any alcohol in days .
Got to...

Started 08/13/19 at 18:39:06 by Bob_Roller
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