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New Household Security measures.
Guard dogs are a bit 1980s (although we do have a Red Heeler as head of domestic security and interrogator of all new arrivals). Security cameras (which we also have) are an "after the fact" thing in ...

Started 02/27/18 at 21:31:50 by Tony Smith
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By: DeeG
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Why I am building a "cheater" R65
Reason the first - I can
Reason the second - because it will be fun
Explanation below:-
What is a "cheater" R65?
Answer - one that has been "improved" in ways that will be undetec...

Started 01/19/18 at 21:09:23 by Tony Smith
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20 1057 Last Post 02/27/18 at 21:48:58
By: Tony Smith
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Heat Wave !!!☺
The forecast for heat locally is 115-122 F, 45- 51C .
Forecast for this starts this weekend and should last for about two weeks .
Going to be a long summer ! Smiley

Started 06/15/17 at 10:02:11 by Bob_Roller
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50 2989 Last Post 01/22/18 at 11:38:52
By: Ed Miller
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Bots, Spammers, and Hackers...
... are back to work!
I noticed over the past several days the volume of errors (hack attempts, back-door registration attempts, etc.) in the forum error log was way down.  I was hoping against h...

Started 12/26/17 at 09:10:01 by Justin B.
4 306 Last Post 12/30/17 at 14:35:49
By: Justin B.
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Vacation Finally !!
I officially start my yearly vacation today, go back to work on Dec. 12 .
Time to work on the bikes and cars, temps have finally moderated, 90 F, 32 C. today .
Overnight lows around 59 F, 15...

Started 10/28/17 at 18:15:36 by Bob_Roller
5 334 Last Post 10/31/17 at 11:01:47
By: Bob_Roller
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The other kind of two wheels
I have been on two wheels since I was a child. Bicycles progressed to motorcycles but I never gave up bicycles. I raced as a younger man with dreams of one day riding at the national level. I was good...

Started 10/15/17 at 16:55:49 by marcmax
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9 436 Last Post 10/19/17 at 20:36:19
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Napa Valley Fires
We have a member on this site Melena, that resides in the Napa area .
Sent her an email this morning, hopefully I'll get a response that things are well for her .

Started 10/15/17 at 12:45:17 by Bob_Roller
2 199 Last Post 10/15/17 at 17:52:40
By: Justin B.
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Deals and compromises...
Going to be here at the end of September along with other interesting places.
It was part of a "Deal" struck with Her Indoors for our USA trip, the compromise ..... we will be on 4 wheels not 2 a...

Started 08/17/17 at 00:43:40 by Lucky_Lou
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19 1188 Last Post 10/11/17 at 08:04:14
By: DonC
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Hurricane Irma
Looks like the strongest hurricane to ever form in the Atlantic ocean, at least at this point in time, has it's sight's set on Florida .
I think we have one member here that lives in the general ...

Started 09/05/17 at 18:44:33 by Bob_Roller
6 331 Last Post 09/11/17 at 14:10:55
By: Justin B.
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I have been the IT Director for the local law enforcement office for the last year. last Tues I was told my services were no longer needed. Bo notice, no work related issues, just a budgetary decision...

Started 09/09/17 at 22:51:59 by marcmax
7 312 Last Post 09/10/17 at 23:48:27
By: Tony Smith
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Labor Day Holiday Weekend, US Members
Well, it's early September, the Labor Day holiday in the US, a three day weekend for most US residents .
Any US members have any plans for this repreive from the usual  5 work week ??
I'm cu...

Started 09/02/17 at 19:49:07 by Bob_Roller
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8 367 Last Post 09/04/17 at 20:43:37
By: Justin B.
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I just want to wish all our friends down Texas way, and all around the gulf area best of luck in getting through this storm.  Be careful guys, and don't take any chances!
-Mike Wink

Started 08/24/17 at 20:43:38 by nhmaf
5 321 Last Post 08/30/17 at 13:51:20
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Solar Eclipse
From what I have seen, Ed Miller in Falls City, Or. is in the region of total eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017.
Anyone else plan on viewing this in other parts of the US ??
Here in Phoenix...

Started 08/20/17 at 22:47:44 by Bob_Roller
6 373 Last Post 08/24/17 at 15:55:23
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Welcome Back !!
Rob Valdez, welcome back after your dramatic departure three years ago !!!!!!!!!!

Started 07/15/17 at 21:31:37 by Bob_Roller
6 342 Last Post 08/05/17 at 10:34:55
By: nhmaf
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Photo Bucket Site
I have noticed on a few chatrooms, sites like this, that the posted photos are gone and a message from Photobucket is replacing it instead .
Photobucket now charges $399 a year to post photos on ...

Started 07/09/17 at 17:04:46 by Bob_Roller
10 556 Last Post 07/17/17 at 16:56:48
By: msbuck
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Was I surprised!
I went to logon to the forum and with my usual two finger typing style I missed the R and typed in Was I surprised when a Chinese online gambling site popped up. I shut my browser down asap ...

Started 06/15/17 at 12:43:38 by marcmax
1 157 Last Post 06/15/17 at 15:33:31
By: Justin B.
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Electroluminecscent Paint
Got an email from my insurance company about motorcycle rider safety .
One of the articles was about glow in the dark paint .
This paint uses 12 vdc going through  an inverter to give the pr...

Started 06/11/17 at 14:21:10 by Bob_Roller
5 306 Last Post 06/13/17 at 22:34:24
By: marcmax
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Mobil 1 Automotive Oil On Sale
Looking through the O'Reilly's auto parts store June ad this afternoon .
They have a special, buy a 5 quart jug of Mobil 1 auto oil and get a $10 gift card for O'Reilly's .
I've got oil chan...

Started 06/06/17 at 19:33:25 by Bob_Roller
1 129 Last Post 06/06/17 at 22:53:21
By: Justin B.
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Owned it for a few weeks now.
I am in love!
Around 510km on a full tank, capable of sustained 160kph cruise (althoguh it won't get 500km to the tank then I suspect) More storage space than y...

Started 05/15/17 at 06:33:21 by Tony Smith
10 537 Last Post 05/23/17 at 16:50:20
By: Tony Smith
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Craigslist rant.............
I've been told that I have pretty lose connection with the real world and this might be one of those times where it is true.
I have been pouring over Craigslist nation wide and 75%+ of the folks ...

Started 04/23/17 at 00:31:19 by wilcom
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16 925 Last Post 05/09/17 at 16:09:31
By: manoverboard
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