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I just want to wish all our friends down Texas way, and all around the gulf area best of luck in getting through this storm.  Be careful guys, and don't take any chances!
-Mike Wink

Started 08/24/17 at 20:43:38 by nhmaf
5 379 Last Post 08/30/17 at 13:51:20
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Solar Eclipse
From what I have seen, Ed Miller in Falls City, Or. is in the region of total eclipse on Monday, August 21, 2017.
Anyone else plan on viewing this in other parts of the US ??
Here in Phoenix...

Started 08/20/17 at 22:47:44 by Bob_Roller
6 437 Last Post 08/24/17 at 15:55:23
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Welcome Back !!
Rob Valdez, welcome back after your dramatic departure three years ago !!!!!!!!!!

Started 07/15/17 at 21:31:37 by Bob_Roller
6 405 Last Post 08/05/17 at 10:34:55
By: nhmaf
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Photo Bucket Site
I have noticed on a few chatrooms, sites like this, that the posted photos are gone and a message from Photobucket is replacing it instead .
Photobucket now charges $399 a year to post photos on ...

Started 07/09/17 at 17:04:46 by Bob_Roller
10 652 Last Post 07/17/17 at 16:56:48
By: msbuck
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Was I surprised!
I went to logon to the forum and with my usual two finger typing style I missed the R and typed in Was I surprised when a Chinese online gambling site popped up. I shut my browser down asap ...

Started 06/15/17 at 12:43:38 by marcmax
1 188 Last Post 06/15/17 at 15:33:31
By: Justin B.
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Electroluminecscent Paint
Got an email from my insurance company about motorcycle rider safety .
One of the articles was about glow in the dark paint .
This paint uses 12 vdc going through  an inverter to give the pr...

Started 06/11/17 at 14:21:10 by Bob_Roller
5 358 Last Post 06/13/17 at 22:34:24
By: marcmax
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Mobil 1 Automotive Oil On Sale
Looking through the O'Reilly's auto parts store June ad this afternoon .
They have a special, buy a 5 quart jug of Mobil 1 auto oil and get a $10 gift card for O'Reilly's .
I've got oil chan...

Started 06/06/17 at 19:33:25 by Bob_Roller
1 151 Last Post 06/06/17 at 22:53:21
By: Justin B.
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Owned it for a few weeks now.
I am in love!
Around 510km on a full tank, capable of sustained 160kph cruise (althoguh it won't get 500km to the tank then I suspect) More storage space than y...

Started 05/15/17 at 06:33:21 by Tony Smith
10 638 Last Post 05/23/17 at 16:50:20
By: Tony Smith
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Craigslist rant.............
I've been told that I have pretty lose connection with the real world and this might be one of those times where it is true.
I have been pouring over Craigslist nation wide and 75%+ of the folks ...

Started 04/23/17 at 00:31:19 by wilcom
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16 1087 Last Post 05/09/17 at 16:09:31
By: manoverboard
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Sneaky Probable Spammers
I'll hand thee turds one thing, they are nothing if not persistent!
Although I have registration turned off the error log has over 100 entries per day showing attempted registrations!  They appar...

Started 02/02/17 at 11:00:09 by Justin B.
1 208 Last Post 05/02/17 at 17:45:28
By: manoverboard
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Blue Healers
Just wanted to ask some of our members from Oz about this breed of dog. I good friend of mine just got a new pup and I am just curious about them as I know nothing about the breed. She is a beautiful ...

Started 04/14/17 at 21:50:24 by marcmax
7 432 Last Post 04/21/17 at 20:18:46
By: Tony Smith
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How to get the sump to fall off
Alright I shouldn't have done it in the first place, But I stuck the sump on with cork rubber gasket and aviation gasket goo. After a while it started to weep again so I tried to get it off. Hammering...

Started 04/16/17 at 18:16:33 by skippyc
1 167 Last Post 04/17/17 at 10:09:24
By: Matt Chapter
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What engine oil do you prefer.
I know that there can be quite a debate about engine oil but I just wondered what other people prefer to use in their Airheads.

Started 01/16/17 at 03:54:06 by Monman
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18 1606 Last Post 02/22/17 at 15:20:22
By: Barry
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2 298 Last Post 02/21/17 at 04:44:37
By: marcmax
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New use for the "Fugawee" War Club
Found a new use for this much maligned tool, de burring window blinds after resizing. Any one else got any novel applications for this or other tools.

Started 02/09/17 at 08:06:07 by Lucky_Lou
6 450 Last Post 02/17/17 at 15:48:23
By: Lucky_Lou
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Don't take things for granted.
I've just changed the carburettor flexi pipes either side of each carb. They only looked slightly ropey from the exterior but my word  they were in a bad state. Both the carb to head rubbers were spli...

Started 02/14/17 at 11:47:52 by Monman
1 198 Last Post 02/14/17 at 12:19:19
By: Matt Chapter
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Oil, and all that entails
Good morning,
Trying to get a feel from the members on "updating" to full synthetic oil for our older machines.
I've read here and on other boards, that many are switching to Valvoline VR1 ...

Started 02/10/17 at 08:30:44 by Billmc
2 306 Last Post 02/12/17 at 07:42:41
By: Billmc
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Auto Dealership Service Departments !!!!
I bought a 2014 Hyundai Veloster two years ago from a local dealer .
I got 3 free oil changes, I had the last one done three weeks ago .
I use my motorcycles to commute to work, so the car s...

Started 01/16/17 at 15:06:30 by Bob_Roller
5 378 Last Post 01/21/17 at 13:26:41
By: Bob_Roller
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Happy Christmas!!
Nothing to say, other than to wish all forum users a happy Christmas! This site has definitely improved my life in certain areas, so thanks for the "gifts" of knowledge, patience and wisdom!

Started 12/24/16 at 13:57:03 by BooG
2 219 Last Post 12/27/16 at 02:08:17
By: Burt
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Spark plugs as Chrismas tree orniments
Am I the only person that does this?

Started 12/12/16 at 16:06:48 by JJH
7 489 Last Post 12/21/16 at 22:14:24
By: Justin B.
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