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"Head Injuries Increase After Michigan Repeals Hel
[i]"Head Injuries Increase After Michigan Repeals Helmet Law
This one is going to ruffle a few feathers, but itís a conversation that we motorcyclists need to have. Back in 2012, Michigan part...

What a

Started 12/01/16 at 16:30:37 by wilcom
10 352 Last Post 12/07/16 at 10:30:59
By: Bob W
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Yarrrrrr, there be hackers and spammers about...
Looking through the error log there is a subnet with multiple IPs trying to access various parts and functions that are not allowed to guests.  I did a whois and it appears the entire block is "owned"...

Started 11/19/16 at 20:26:24 by Justin B.
6 215 Last Post 11/21/16 at 22:31:06
By: Justin B.
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Voting (No Political Content )
A major national election is a week away here in the US .
I use the early voting option, as I'm on vacation and if I decide to get away, I don't want voting to get in my way .
Just filled ou...

Started 11/01/16 at 15:59:11 by Bob_Roller
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28 753 Last Post 11/21/16 at 10:28:36
By: Bob_Roller
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Editing Your Posts
I noticed, that unless I'm in 'admin' mode, I cannot modify any posts I've made .
Same situation for everyone else ???

Started 11/18/16 at 15:07:59 by Bob_Roller
7 181 Last Post 11/19/16 at 20:01:59
By: Justin B.
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Monte's Missing
I just noticed that Monte has not been online for over a week .
Quite unusual .
I wonder if he has become a ' customer ' of the funeral home he visits for coffee and doughnuts !!!! Shocked

Started 11/17/16 at 12:52:13 by Bob_Roller
5 195 Last Post 11/19/16 at 19:01:04
By: nhmaf
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Whitby Goth Weekend...........
Ok I have other interests but here is a clip from this weekend, when I grow up I may get a trike..
Check out some other videos from my channel...

Started 11/07/16 at 16:53:54 by Lucky_Lou
4 173 Last Post 11/09/16 at 11:20:47
By: Lucky_Lou
Normal Topic Statistics
Had a few hours to kill today, so I started looking at membership ranks and postings .
Since this current site was established, around the second week of November, 2006, after our spammer meltdow...

Started 10/29/16 at 17:24:47 by Bob_Roller
8 242 Last Post 11/01/16 at 14:53:23
By: Lucky_Lou
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Military Flying 'Motorcycle' !!

Started 10/29/16 at 12:03:05 by Bob_Roller
1 112 Last Post 10/29/16 at 16:49:31
By: montmil
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Bob Hoover RIP
Superised our aviation buffs until know have not posted that Bob Hoover passed today.

Started 10/25/16 at 18:39:10 by donbmw
1 124 Last Post 10/25/16 at 23:31:29
By: Tony Smith
Normal Topic
Autonomous Vehicles
Google has been testing their self driving cars, actually Lexus SUV's, since January in my area .
Talked with a few of the drivers when I see them on the street that I live on .
There's stil...

Started 10/22/16 at 11:19:47 by Bob_Roller
7 174 Last Post 10/23/16 at 13:22:34
By: Bob_Roller
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Major Drug Discovery
I walked into work on Saturday morning at 0500, there were local law enforcement, FBI, TSA ( Homeland Security ) †and DEA ( Drug Enforcement Agency ), plus drug sniffing dogs !!!
During routine m...

Started 10/16/16 at 23:56:07 by Bob_Roller
4 186 Last Post 10/17/16 at 13:53:36
By: Bob_Roller
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Vacation Finally !!!!
Today is my first day of vacation, go back to work on December 06 .
Seemed like it would never get here !!!!! Grin Grin Grin
Weather has finally gotten cooperated, over night lows of 58 F, 14 C, d...

Started 10/16/16 at 12:14:53 by Bob_Roller
3 147 Last Post 10/16/16 at 23:46:53
By: Bob_Roller
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Corporate America Sucks!
I know this is a global forum but I just had to vent.
I have spent the majority of my adult life working for an American corporate giant, IBM. Yes I knew I was just a cog in the machine, but I b...

Started 06/18/16 at 00:21:14 by marcmax
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26 955 Last Post 09/25/16 at 19:29:57
By: Bob_Roller
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Non Contact Thermometer
Just got an email from Harbor Freight .
Went through it and found their Non contact infared thermometer on sale for $19.99, with their usual 20 % off coupon, that comes out to $15.99 plus applica...

Started 08/21/16 at 15:21:59 by Bob_Roller
1 189 Last Post 08/21/16 at 17:56:55
By: skippyc
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Today I love BMW shaft drive just a little bit.
Was pissing down rain at 5:00 yesterday and I was looking forward to buggering off as it is show day holiday today in Cairns, long weekend Yee Hah!
Herself and I were going up to the wilds of Ca...

Started 07/21/16 at 21:00:35 by Tony Smith
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18 876 Last Post 07/26/16 at 06:21:02
By: Tony Smith
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Buy your bits now...
Thinking about buying parts from Moto Bins or Motorworks now £ at record low vs $.. wont last long

Started 06/24/16 at 16:44:59 by Lucky_Lou
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28 1088 Last Post 07/12/16 at 15:49:09
By: Justin B.
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BMW You ain't what you used to be!
As some are aware my wife recently purchased a G650GS as her retirement present to herself.
I have to say at the outset that I like the bike a lot, albeit that I am aware that those of the model ...

Started 07/06/16 at 01:30:45 by Tony Smith
8 307 Last Post 07/07/16 at 21:53:03
By: Tony Smith
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They say it comes in threes?
Even feel like the universe is ganging up on you for no reason?
Last Sunday the battery on my R1200r decided to stuff life and conk out on my way to Chester.
Today after a smashing weekend ...

Started 06/05/16 at 11:21:08 by Tony Shaw
3 258 Last Post 06/19/16 at 21:25:32
By: nhmaf
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My little bike lift.
A couple of weeks ago I posted a couple of piccys of the Bimbo on the lift and someone asked where I site her on the lift. I place it so the front arm sits on the sump and the rear over the centre sta...

Started 05/28/16 at 07:36:31 by Tony Shaw
12 476 Last Post 05/31/16 at 17:21:18
By: Tony Shaw
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Interesting Aviation Video
A friend emailed this video to me .
If you ever wondered what happened to the aircraft of WW II, well here's the answer .
Kingman Arizona, is...

Started 05/18/16 at 20:03:39 by Bob_Roller
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16 769 Last Post 05/26/16 at 05:46:27
By: Tony Smith
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