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Feasting On Asphalt
I don't know if you a aware of a program on the Food Channel, it's called 'Feasting On Asphalt', the host, Alton Brown is a renowned chef somewhere ( damned if I now where !),  but he and his com-padr...

Started 07/30/07 at 22:59:53 by Bob_Roller
6 539 Last Post 08/08/07 at 07:41:46
By: Semper Gumby
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The road to hell.
I've been told that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I've been thinking, if it's paved what the heck lets ride!

Started 08/03/07 at 20:36:27 by Lowen (Ex Member)
4 462 Last Post 08/05/07 at 13:08:08
By: Lowen - Ex Member
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Add VA to the list of places I'll never live in
I saw on the news, here, that now in VA a 20 over speeding ticket will/can cost upwards of $5500 once the fine and all of the fees/court costs have been tallied.  The governor said he had no intention...

Started 07/23/07 at 22:14:48 by Justin B.
5 467 Last Post 07/27/07 at 18:20:15
By: Justin B.
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Breaking the law... Breaking the law
Dick here.
Was lovely weather last Tuesday, Blue sky, white fluffy clouds sitting above the mountains, cool but not cold. So, having gained permission to go AWOL for a few hours from the minister...

Started 06/07/07 at 11:33:24 by Dick Stilton (Ex Member)
13 971 Last Post 07/24/07 at 11:50:55
By: dewjantim - Ex Member
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UK Flooding
Any of our members being affected by the flooding in southwestern England ?

Started 07/24/07 at 11:45:43 by Bob_Roller
0 201 Last Post 07/24/07 at 11:45:43
By: Bob_Roller
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Southwestern  US  Dust  Storms
Don't know if any  other members here have seen videos of the dust storm (haboob) that came through the Phoenix metro area yesterday about 7 pm , ahead of a complex of thunder storms. I was at work wh...

Started 07/17/07 at 17:19:49 by Bob_Roller
7 640 Last Post 07/20/07 at 17:28:34
By: Bob_Roller
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Mick McMillan Glad To Hear From You
Mick, glad to hear from you last Monday, was kind of wondering what your status was ! Well you came through Phoenix at probably the worst time of year, we've had temps  above 110 F. for about the last...

Started 07/04/07 at 13:31:21 by Bob_Roller
0 169 Last Post 07/04/07 at 13:31:21
By: Bob_Roller
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Windshields to be or not to be?
I have always been against the look of a windshield on a motorcycle  
I have been fighting the Gulf coast winds down in south Texas for a while
now.  It averages 10 to 30 knots making you...

Started 05/19/07 at 21:07:10 by fishntxflats (Ex Member)
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20 1597 Last Post 06/30/07 at 07:40:17
By: tagordon - Ex Member
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can we boot the tosser?
Can someone boot the tosser dropping the porn links?

Started 06/18/07 at 15:33:56 by thrang (Ex Member)
12 987 Last Post 06/29/07 at 23:00:56
By: suraklyn
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Paying Attention
Life is way too busy.  And in all the busyness I had a bit of an accident at home (not on the bike).  
I went home for lunch on Thursday (trying to save a bit of money) but was way too hungry by ...

Started 05/20/07 at 14:08:59 by Melena
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15 1240 Last Post 06/12/07 at 12:54:24
By: Dick Stilton - Ex Member
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Oldie but goodie...
I was clearing out my e-mail box and ran across this.  It makes me laugh every time I read it:  Smiley
Please take time to read this slowly. If you pay attention to the first

Started 04/01/07 at 00:07:12 by Justin B.
10 687 Last Post 06/12/07 at 07:43:47
By: Justin B.
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Isle of Man TT
5 days until practice starts. If you have never heard of this race let me introduce you to a new addiction. You tube has a lot of video

Started 05/20/07 at 15:11:31 by MrRiden
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16 1284 Last Post 06/11/07 at 10:45:57
By: thrang - Ex Member
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House M.D.
Wondering if there are any fans of the T.V. show house? Trying to discover what motorcycle jacket he wears on the show. I'm beginning to suspect it's from "wardrobe". Anyone ever see one like it? I th...

Started 05/16/07 at 19:46:15 by MrRiden
2 280 Last Post 05/16/07 at 23:35:08
By: airhead - Ex Member
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Just wanted to say Thank You!
Grin  I love this site, I am learning so much so fast! First Thank Y'all for the tech advice on my tachometer, I haven't pin pointed the prob yet, never the less, Thanks to all that replied! I noticed ...

Started 05/15/07 at 17:54:16 by fishntxflats (Ex Member)
1 236 Last Post 05/15/07 at 18:20:18
By: thrang - Ex Member
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OT Trip Report - I'm back!
Hi y'all!    Smiley   I had a great time in Maui!   Smiley   I'm nice and relaxed now.  Too bad I have to get ready to go to work on Monday now though.   Smiley  ...

Started 04/01/07 at 01:12:10 by Melena
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26 1808 Last Post 05/08/07 at 19:13:40
By: Rob Valdez 79 R65
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Chance Meeting
On my way home from work yesterday, and at a traffic light about 1.5 miles from home, a driver in a silver Saturn cage asks me what kind of lights I have on my bike  ('02 R1150R), I tell him PIAA's an...

Started 05/01/07 at 12:22:51 by Bob_Roller
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16 1282 Last Post 05/05/07 at 07:19:46
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Shootings at Va Tech....
Just heard the awful news from Virginia Tech this morning.  At least 22 dead (including the shooter)!  Hard to believe this kind of thing could happen.  Makes me scared to even have a child in school!...

Started 04/16/07 at 11:56:36 by SCJJR65
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33 2387 Last Post 04/27/07 at 07:44:10
By: Semper Gumby
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Fashion statement, or designers taking the piss?
Just spent my bank holiday Monday putting a new clutch, actuator, and lifter in the wifes (well she will be in a fortnight) 750 Zephyr and gave it a run to Hartside Cafe to make sure I'd not buggered ...

Started 04/10/07 at 05:55:07 by thrang (Ex Member)
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23 2119 Last Post 04/27/07 at 07:04:02
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Alaskans and cold....
I thought this was a hoot!   Grin

When the temperature is.......

60 above zero:
Arizonians turn on the heat. People in Alaska plant gardens.
50 above zero:
Californians shiver uncontr...

Started 03/26/07 at 17:17:58 by SCJJR65
3 416 Last Post 04/01/07 at 01:28:35
By: Melena
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favorite tires?
just curious what your favorite tires are for use on the R65?

Started 03/22/07 at 01:15:37 by fixer (Ex Member)
7 721 Last Post 03/27/07 at 07:15:28
By: Semper Gumby
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