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Forum Registration Procedure
I have been forced to turn off user self-registration due to the enormous amount of requests being submitted by spammers, etc.  We welcome any and all valid users but you will need to e-mail a request...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:38:02 by Justin B.
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By: Justin B.
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Host Move Complete - I PROMISE!!!
I have finally got the forum moved over to a new host and it works, for the most part.  I ran into major issues getting the files transferred as the old host seemed to be unable to provide the type of...

Started 04/30/17 at 00:20:29 by Justin B.
3 2163 Last Post 05/01/17 at 14:21:41
By: Justin B.
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Forum Store
I have been playing with the cafepress site and came up with a few items.  It was much more challenging as they will not allow anything with the BMW logo attached to it.  I had to play with some of th...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:46:11 by Justin B.
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By: Justin B.
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Logging in/registering/ - NEW USERS MUST READ
Some helpful hints...
1.  You can't send personal messages until you have made one post.  Again, this is an anti-spammer protection mechanism to keep spammers from bombarding the membership with ...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:39:31 by Justin B.
0 2161 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:39:31
By: Justin B.
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Gruber Battery Discount
I have arranged a 5% discount with Gruber Power Services on their products.  I have had good luck with their AGM motorcycle batteries and the price is pretty reasonable.  To receive this dis...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:35:48 by Justin B.
0 2014 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:35:48
By: Justin B.
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STAAB Battery Discount
I have secured a 5% discount for forum members at Staab Battery on the Universal 12 volt 22 amp-hour AGM battery.  So far I have had good luck with them and they are extremely "affordable".  I will re...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:33:49 by Justin B.
0 2073 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:33:49
By: Justin B.
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R65 Photo Gallery Access
For those of you who desire access to the BMWR65 photo-gallery just PM me with your desired login name and what password you want to use and I will set you up.  If you just ask me to add you I will us...

Started 11/07/16 at 20:31:53 by Justin B.
0 3512 Last Post 11/07/16 at 20:31:53
By: Justin B.
Global Announcement
Login issues on new Forum software
A couple of folks have been unable to log in after the upgrade.  The new software now requires that you log in with your "login ID" with no exception.  I think the old software would allow login id, s...

Started 11/07/16 at 08:14:37 by Justin B.
0 3004 Last Post 11/07/16 at 08:14:36
By: Justin B.
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Vacation Finally !!!!
Today is my first day of vacation, go back to work on December 06 .
Seemed like it would never get here !!!!! Grin Grin Grin
Weather has finally gotten cooperated, over night lows of 58 F, 14 C, d...

Started 10/16/16 at 12:14:53 by Bob_Roller
3 403 Last Post 10/16/16 at 23:46:53
By: Bob_Roller
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
!@#$%^& Hot In Phoenix Today !!!!
Left for work at 0445, 96 F, 36 C , left work at 1630, 117 F, 47 C in the shade .
131 F, 55 C on the expressway in traffic .
Road surface temp on the expressway, 197 F, 92 C .
Even I ha...

Started 08/14/15 at 21:31:15 by Bob_Roller
12 1506 Last Post 08/22/15 at 15:44:12
By: Chris S
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
$5000 "O" Ring
I know the famous $2000 "O"  Ring on our beloved Airheads but i have just had a close encounter of the expensive kind.
I had my van serviced 4 weeks ago and as i was returning home the oil light ...

Started 01/22/13 at 10:50:16 by Lucky_Lou
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18 1539 Last Post 01/27/13 at 08:49:47
By: Constellation - Ex Member
Normal Topic
"Dangerours" page?
My internet serurity system wont let me view the "chit chat" page but all the other pages, threads etc is a blocks me from entering the "chit chat" page as it tells me its "dangerours".....i...

Started 09/16/09 at 08:06:19 by dav
8 816 Last Post 09/17/09 at 15:18:19
By: Lucky_Lou
Normal Topic
"Gonna leave the city, got to get away...
...well all this fussin" & fightin' here, you know I just can't stay..."
(apologies to Canned Heat)
In semi-preparation to kinda begin planning for my semi-retirement, I'm fixing to ride ou...

Started 03/24/07 at 08:24:17 by NC Steve
5 700 Last Post 03/25/07 at 12:18:42
By: Joan - Ex Member
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
"Head Injuries Increase After Michigan Repeals Hel
[i]"Head Injuries Increase After Michigan Repeals Helmet Law
This one is going to ruffle a few feathers, but it’s a conversation that we motorcyclists need to have. Back in 2012, Michigan part...

What a

Started 12/01/16 at 16:30:37 by wilcom
10 863 Last Post 12/07/16 at 10:30:59
By: Bob W
Normal Topic
"Old" is just a state of mind....
It may not be motorcycle related, but you guys just gotta watch this!   Wink

Started 06/19/10 at 11:54:37 by SCJJR65
5 672 Last Post 06/24/10 at 15:09:26
By: azcycle
Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies)
"The Crossroads"
I have been given an opportunity.  I was told Monday that my job with the State has 6-12 months to live.  Undecided   The only bitterness lies in who they choose to keep.  After all, my taxes pay my slacker...

Started 11/15/06 at 01:30:58 by Rob Valdez 79 R65
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43 4696 Last Post 03/25/07 at 07:54:55
By: airhead - Ex Member
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'85 R65 engine oil
I'm restoring a '85 monolever R65 and I'm having troubles finding the recommended engine oil locally (and within EU actually).
Here's what I've found:
- Motul Classic 20w50 which is SF spec ...

Started 06/01/15 at 05:21:35 by starman85 (Ex Member)
4 680 Last Post 06/01/15 at 17:40:53
By: Tony Smith
Normal Topic
... Sour Mood

Started 05/16/12 at 17:15:00 by Air4Life
7 754 Last Post 05/24/12 at 07:19:44
By: Darwin_R65 - Ex Member
Normal Topic
100/90 Front Tire on 1.85 Rim?
Browsing the archives, many of you appear to use a 100/90-18 front tire.  Am particularly interested in this size as it is very close in diameter to OE 3.25x18.  Problem is that some tire makers, (Avo...

Started 01/10/10 at 03:27:21 by bob dominguez
3 633 Last Post 01/14/10 at 16:51:10
By: Semper Gumby
Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies)
100° Today
It's official here in the desert, today was the first 100°F day of the year. Baseball is on, cold one at hand & sausage in the grill. Riding will now be conducted early in the day and late at night be...

Started 04/21/09 at 21:23:11 by MrRiden
12 1065 Last Post 04/24/09 at 08:11:32
By: Justin B.
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