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Global Announcement Forum Registration Procedure (Read 3008 times)
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Forum Registration Procedure
11/07/16 at 20:38:02
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I have been forced to turn off user self-registration due to the enormous amount of requests being submitted by spammers, etc.  We welcome any and all valid users but you will need to e-mail a request to the Forum Administrator requesting membership.

You will need to select a "displayed name" and "login name".  The login name can't have any spaces or special characters but it can be the same as the displayed name if it follows the rules - you can't use your e-mail address for login name.  E-mail requests with desired LOGIN NAME", desired "SCREEN NAME" (screen and login name can be the same), and YOUR LOCATION  to:


As usual please substitute @ for (at) in the above e-mail address. 

Remember, login name and displayed name can be the same but the login name can't have any spaces or special characters in it which leaves out your e-mail address. 

I will add you as a forum inmate and the system will e-mail you a temporary password and instructions on how to complete the registration.  You must register from, or include in the request, a valid e-mail address or you will never receive your temporary password and registration completion instructions.  After completing registration you can edit your profile and reset your password if you desire.

Sorry for the convoluted procedure but I am starting to pi$$ people off by accidentally deleting users from the registration log due to an "itchy trigger finger" and I'm not going to turn on a "one-click self-registration" feature as that is what torpedoed the original forum! 
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