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Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) Angled valve extenders are the pits (Read 852 times)
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Re: Angled valve extenders are the pits
Reply #15 - 07/23/18 at 02:11:00
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Thank you Donbmw for posting your tyre chuck that works. All I can say is that you are blessed. I have a similar tyre chuck and whilst I might (on the basis of trying a few minutes ago) be able to put air in the back wheels of the R65 and R65/80, it has no hope whatsoever of chucking the valve on the rear wheel of the R100 because the disc is in the way, nor will it chuck the front wheel of the R65/80  because it has two discs.  It might fit the front wheel of the R65 (single disc) but it would be a grim struggle. Similarlay it might be useable on the rear, drum braked wheels on the R65 and R65/80, but again  in my view it was a grim struggle and the shank would require more bending that the gentle "tweak" I gave it whilst seeing if it would work.

I have attached a few more photos.

Another tyre chuck that dos not work on Snowflakes - there simply is not room.

A very basic chuck that fits perfectly once I gave it a gentle "touch-up" on the sides to give some more clearance to the snowflake "spokes".

My "reference" tyre gauge, I use this to calibrate the much cheaper tyre gauges we carry with us on the bikes and in the car. I've no idea as to its actual accuracy, but spending 5 minutes calibrating other gauges to it at least gives consistency, and let's face it, tyre pressure is largely an individual preference thing.

Then there is my bike pump, which is a cheap bicycle pump and all but useless for its intended purpose as its bore is too large to allow you to easily develop the high pressures that a 23C bicycle tyre needs. It was a lucky purchase as its natural "mode" is for Schrader valves, the Presta adaptor is under the locking lever.

Lastly, a very poor pump to carry on the bike in spite of its small size. This small Fuji pump can pump shocks up to 300psi effortlessly, but  you would die of old age before you pumped a 4.00*18 tyre up to 34psi, it just doesn't have the capacity. Irritatingly the standard gauge is too insensitive to allow for pumping up forks, the gauge doesn't get out of bed until 30psi, which is about 15psi more than you will ever put in a motorcycle fork. Fortunately I bought a few of these on special and I have one pulled to pieces in order to install a 0~15psi gauge on it.

tyre_chuck_that_does_not_work.jpg ( 39 KB | 20 Downloads )
Tyre_chuck_that_works.jpg ( 25 KB | 19 Downloads )
Good_tyre_pressure_guage.jpg ( 40 KB | 19 Downloads )
This_is_a_good_bike_pump.jpg ( 61 KB | 19 Downloads )
Presta_adaptor_in_tyre_chuck.jpg ( 117 KB | 18 Downloads )
Thi_sis_a_bad_bike_pump.jpg ( 37 KB | 19 Downloads )

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