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Normal Topic Fluid and Filter Change (Read 303 times)
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Fluid and Filter Change
11/06/18 at 13:23:58
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I'm getting ready for my annual vehicle maintenance .
I'm not putting a lot pf use on any of the bikes, the oilhead about 4-5 thousand miles, 6500-8,000 km, the  R65's and the Guzzi 600 miles, 1000 km a year .
With the use the oilhead gets, I'll stay with oil and filter replacement once a year, I'm thinking of holding off on the brake flush and transmission and final drive oils every three years .
The R65's and Guzzi, drain the oil and the oil filter cavity once a year and replace the filter every 3 years, same with the brake flush, transmission, shaft and final drive oil and fork oil .
I live in a low desert low humidity, the bikes rarely are ridden in rain, the oilhead was in rain once this year, the Guzzi and R65's have not been in rain the last 7 years .
Any thoughts on this ??

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Re: Fluid and Filter Change
Reply #1 - 11/06/18 at 14:11:36
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I'm doing the same on the transmission oils using synthetic 75W90. I got fed up with draining perfectly clean oil out of the gearbox and final drive with negligible fuzz on the magnets. I'll still take a look at the oil levels at the annual service and maybe draw some out with a syringe to check for any contamination.  Every 3 years is still more than adequate compared to typical lifetime fill of car transmissions and final drives.

I change the engine oil annually and filter every other year.

Brake fluid gets changed every 2 years.

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Re: Fluid and Filter Change
Reply #2 - 11/06/18 at 16:59:30
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I go for 3 years as i don't ride in rain or water wash the bike modern oils would probably last me 10 years.
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