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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) I used to be a Rat Bike... (Read 2215 times)
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Re: I used to be a Rat Bike...
Reply #75 - 07/01/19 at 03:29:39
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BPT wrote on 06/30/19 at 11:17:22:
And even if you think it now looks like "any other" R65, just remember it's still the bastard† stepchild of the BMW world, so we're all still a little special.† †Wink

"Except for R65" ........† that means Exceptional, right?

Thanks fellas. And thanks for all of the help and advice along the way too!

You know BPT, I think that these bikes have obviously been long underrated and I donít really know why that is except for the fact that theyíre not 800cc or 1000cc. Iíve had lots of big, fast sports bikes over the years and the reality is that these days, you just donít get to use that sort of potential without risking a very long stretch without a licence and hefty fines to boot. I donít know about you guys over there, but Australian roads are just sooooo over policed, itís completely ridiculous so Iím quite happy puttering around on a midsize bike these days and Iím enjoying a lot of aspects about this little bike.

Exceptional indeed!

Tony, Iíve got at least 2 RS fairings hanging in the shed now, (plus various spare sections), as well as the 2 RT fairings, so Iím sure we can work something out. I havenít really gotten around to having a good look at them all yet, but Iím pretty sure that both of the RSís are useable. Theyíre not going anywhere so lemme know when your ready.
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