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My Children Made Me Do It, Honestly
07/21/19 at 23:13:16
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I'm sorry for such a long first post, but I felt a need to explain why I would up joining a forum dedicated to one motorcycle.

So to begin, I haven't been riding regularly since January 1989, as a result of a police car making a turn in front of me while on my way to work.  No sirens or lights, just going home at the end of a shift (apparently).

Police said it was my fault.  Straight road, light traffic, turn in front of a motorbike.  Of course it was my fault.  Accident waiting to happen said the Police witness.  Startled him with my exhaust note (on a standard K75 no less).

Hit the police car on the centre door pillar, front forks fully compressed from braking.  Snapped the forks at the lower triple clamp.  Landed on my right shoulder, slid into the gutter.

Three broken ribs, a punctured lung, fractured shoulder blade and fractured leg.

I was charged with negligent driving and speeding.

Lucky then there was a fellow motorbike rider who saw everything when coming out his front door, and says he'd be delighted to be a witness.

After getting out of hospital and waiting a few years for my court apearance (where the magistrate dismissed the police claims in about two minutes) I put the compensation money towards the mortgage.

Twenty-five or so years later we have two children, a boy and a girl.  Both say they's like to learn to ride a motorbike.  My reaction: secretly delighted to have an excuse to get a bike again, but outwardly reserved since it would be unseemly to show enthusiasm for such a dangerous thing.

Australia now insists on passing an approved motorcycle training course before getting a learners permit.  There's also a list of approved learner motorbikes, as part of LAMS, or Learner Approved Motorcycle Scheme.  Based on power to weight, not cubic capacity, this varies from State to State.

I study the list for Canberra, and notice lots of bikes I wished I could have bought when I was younger, but couldn't afford.

First I buy an F650 Paris Dakar, on the LAMS list and recommended on several Web sites as a good learner's bike.  Find a good one locally with a ton of accessories already installed.  Son's fine with it, but too tall for daugher, even with custom low seat.

Return to the list, and discover things like the R100RS for god's sake.  Turns out our local government people think the RS only makes 44 kilowats, or 60 PS unlike the more often quoted 70 PS.

Still I decide look at one, but need to travel interstate.  Owned by an engineer and in beautiful condition, already twin-plugged.

I love it, but then (rightly) think it's not really for me, is it, it's supposed to be for a learner.

So back to the list and next I go for an R65.  I've seen a few advertised locally and I secretly concede to myself it's probably more sensible than an R100RS, bugger.

Buy one from Queensland based on an advert in Just Bikes and have to have it trucked to Canberra.  As it turns out, when I finally get the bike home, it's actually an LS with the original handlebar fairing changed for an aftermarket one.

Daughter looks at the LS, initially thinks it's cool but looks a bit worried.  Luckily son's fine with it.  I keep the LS, and plot doing it up.

Finally I get daugher a Honda VTR 250, in retrospect a much better choice.

So where I hadn't had a motorbike for twenty-five or so years, I now have three in the space of a few months.  And, of course they're All Mine, I'm only lending them to the children.

Still long for an R100RS though.

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Re: My Children Made Me Do It, Honestly
Reply #1 - 07/22/19 at 01:56:30
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Ha ha ha!

As long as you believe the story it's OK.

Welcome to the asylum, the natives are (mostly) friendly. We do however have one rule - if there is no photo it isn't real.

So, ante up and post photos of your R65.

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Re: My Children Made Me Do It, Honestly
Reply #2 - 07/22/19 at 04:35:00
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Welcome aboard steek. You’ll love your LS! They’re a gorgeous little bike and they just become prettier each year and logic says that they’ll hold their value just because they’re relatively rare.

I’ve only been riding my R65 for a few months, but I gotta say it has really impressed me. It did take me a few weeks to get the hang of it, (you’ve really gotta let them rev) but once you’ve got it in the zone, they’re a real pleasure. The short wheelbase makes them very flickable and they have more than enough horsepower to keep your licence in peril under today’s cash grabbing enforcement regimes....

The VT is a good choice for the daughter to get her started and build her skills and confidence, but once she’s got her trainer wheels off, I’ll bet bet she loves the R65! They both will. You all will!

Good luck with it.
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Re: My Children Made Me Do It, Honestly
Reply #3 - 08/11/19 at 03:34:40
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Congrats on the motorcycle riding family!!

My first "big" bike after the 250cc learner bike (no LAMS back then) was the R65 (still have it after 20yrs). The R65 is awesomely fun nimble machine.

Are you planning on day rides with your daughter in the future?

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